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The Runner
Pics of me and my rig
Passenger Side Header
Driver Side Header
Transmission cooler.
K&N air intake and throttle body spacer.  I wouldn't recommend... no noticeable increase in performance or gas mileage, but got them both on eBay for...
Homemade driver side seat rail extensions.  I'm 6'4" tall, and all legs.  A must have for us giants.
Center console from 2000 4runner, added full time outlets in place of heater controls (since mine doesn't have the rear heater).  Main reason was for...
Don't leave the shop light lying on the fuse box cover!
Small homemade sway bar link spacers.  Need new bushings.
199mm Tundra brake conversion w/ braided brake lines.  Wanted 231mm's, but couldn't find a reasonably priced set.  Was nice to not have to grind rims...
Retrofitted e-locker... leaks a bit, need to re-gasket.
Rear 6" extended braided brake line.  Radio Shack plug for e-locker harness in upper left.  Silicone for weather proof, but want something better if...
Rear coil springs from front of 1993 Landcruiser, homemade panhard drop bracket, and airbags.
Manual Hubs.
2.5" diameter King Coilovers.  Would rather have gone with Bilsteins, but I got these with the manual hub parts for super cheap, so I couldn't...
Pride and Joy

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