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06-02-2009, 01:28 PM

Dear BRC Colorado, Arizona and Utah Subscribers,

We decided to send this Colorado Alert to Arizona and Utah because of its connection to the popular Rico Trail System and the Imogene - Black Bear and Ophir Pass area.

Tom Thomas, one of the Directors of the Public Access Preservation Association (PAPA www.papatelluride.org), sent us PAPA's Action Alert on a very sweet trail system nestled in the Southwest corner of Colorado near the town of Rico.

BRC members will remember that the Glen Pauls family, all PAPA members, donated some sought after property near Telluride to the Forest Service in order to preserve public access. (See Pauls Family Insures Public Access in the Ophir Mining District www.sharetrails.org/magazine/article.php?id=1619 )

PAPA and the Pauls family is a key player in the ongoing struggle to improve management in the Imogene - Black Bear and Ophir Pass area.

Tom and the folks at PAPA have been dogging the details in the Rico-West Dolores Travel Management Plan (RWDTMP). Together with the Taylor Park area, the Rico trail system makes up some of the last remaining high altitude motorcycle and ATV trails in the Columbine state.

PAPA asked us if we would forward their Action Alert on the Rico trails. Given this group's strong support for the entire OHV family -- on some of the best OHV routes in Colorado -- I hope BRC members would respond with GUSTO!

Instructions below. Deadline is June 22, 2009, so please do it today.

Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Policy Director
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102

PS: You can support PAPA's efforts by joining online at www.papatelluride.org/Membership/Page1.htm.


PAPA Action Alert for Rico-West Dolores Travel Management Plan (RWDTMP)

Dear PAPA Participants,

We finished our review of the Rico-West Dolores Travel Management Plan (RWDTMP). While we are generally in agreement with the EA Alternative E, we believe there are some short comings that must be addressed.

For example, Alternative E designates the lower part of West Fall as non-motorized and closes the upper part of Burnett to motorized while leaving the lower part open. We don't believe that there is any justification for either action. In addition there are three other trails; Loading Pen, Section House and School House, that we believe should be designated as motorized

I've taken the time to create a trail-specific list of the changes the Forest Service needs to make. If you only have a few minutes, simply use this list for an email comment.

PAPA is lucky to have the help of BRC, COHVCO and TPA, on reviewing the details of the EA's analysis and conclusions. Now it's time to do our part.

If you ride there:
A good way to see what the FS is proposing is to use the USFS website to compare individual maps of Alternatives C, D, and E (by laying them side-by-side) while reviewing alternative-specific narrative in the text of the EA. This will provide a visual comparison of the alternatives. See:

The email address is: comments-rocky-mountain-san-juan-mancos-dolores@fs.fed.us

Address your comment email to:
Steven K. Beverlin
Dolores Public Lands Office
29211 Hwy. 184
Dolores, CO 81323

Put "Rico-West Dolores TMP EA" in the subject line.

Of the alternatives presented in the EA, Alternative E best meets the need to provide trail-based recreation, and matches the recreational niche of this area while protecting forest resources.

However, Alternative E has some major shortcomings that must be addressed in the Final Plan.

I support the recommendations submitted by the Public Access Preservation Association, including, but not limited to, the following:

1) Lower section of West Fall is an important link trail with a very short section that can be rerouted near the concerned private land owner.

2) Keeping Burnett partially motorized defies logic and common sense. If it is designated as motorized part of the way and closed on the upper section, which ties into motorized trails, this will result in an up and back route that will double the motorized traffic. Logically, it should be either closed all of the way or opened all of the way to tie into the upper trails. Keeping it open for the hikers to drive up part way and then closing the rest of it to motorized doesn't make sense.

3) We would like to see Loading Pen Trail designated as a motorized trail because it is an important trail that links HWY 145 with the roads and trails on both Taylor Mesa and Stoner Mesa.

4) Section House and School House are important motorized trails that allow bailout points on Calico Trail and, in the previously-held public meetings, the designation of these trails as motorized has not been contested.

Thank you for considering my comments. Please keep me on the contact list for this project.