View Full Version : FJ40 22 gallon Fuel Tank

Air Randy
06-10-2009, 04:30 PM
I bought the 22 gallon fuel cell from Downey that mounts under the rear of my 40. It has worked great for me, but now I'm considering moving my rear axle backwards. If I do this, I cant run the rear mounted tank and will have to go back to an in-cab tank.

I'm exploring if anyone would be interested in buying this tank. It's roughly 3 months old and comes complete with the digital sending unit, skid plate, filler neck/hose and all mounting hardware. You can use it as your only tank (what I did) or as an auxiliary tank to increase your range. In that mode you can use this as a switchable tank or as a transfer tank. The digital sending unit works perfectly with the stock fuel gauges. It is very easy to install, 2 hours or less, and I could help if needed. New it was $750 for everything plus shipping. I would consider selling it for $650 OBO. Let me know if there is an interest. Thanks-Randy