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06-14-2009, 03:44 PM
I was able to take care of two problems with my 40 this weekend. On the BOWAGW run I was having trouble with my parking brake. It would not hold my truck on the smallest of hills. I thought it was because of the oil leak at the parking brake drum that developed a couple of weeks ago when I topped off the t-case with 90 wt. The leak was very aggressive, much more than the drops that seem to be par for the course with older vehicles.

The oil leak out of the parking brake drum is a pretty common issue and very well documented so I didn't take any pictures. While this is a 1 banana job, it took me several hours to complete over yesterday and today. My time sinks were in the brake springs and the brake cable. It took me a while to get them off and get them back on:o.

In addition to the oil leak, the other problem related to the post and clip that hold the left side brake shoe to the backing plate - these were missing:eek:. I found one half of the clip but the other half and the post were no where to be found. Even without the oil leak, this would be a contributing factor to the parking brake problems I noticed on Wednesday. I grabbed the posts and clips from the 4speed t-case so that I could put the brake back together. :D

The shaft of the brake drum had marks from the oil seal, but no scoring. A couple of turns around the shaft with a scotch bright pad and the marks were gone. The new seal is in place. I also put some Ultra Black in the splines and torqued the castle nut down to 97 ft lbs. I cleaned the backing plate with de-greaser and brake clean while it hung from the brake cable under the truck. All the other parts went to the parts washer. I missed out on the Bill Moore run today because it took me so long to get the job done. On the plus side of things, I have fixed the leak and my parking brake works well:thumb:.

I took the 40 for a drive to return the speedi sleeve I had bought but did not need. While out I stopped on every steep hill I could find. The parking brake is working great and so far there is no oil dripping from the brake drum. :D

06-14-2009, 06:23 PM

Glad to hear things worked out. Ann and I made it to Downieville at noon and my 40 started missing as soon as we met everyone.:(

Ann and I "limped" home in a largely eventful fashion.

Justin thought it was a coil issue and I replaced the coil and relocated it to keep it cooler when I got home. I was really hoping this was the fix, but alas, it still misses post relocated replacement coil.

More tomorrow.:)

06-14-2009, 06:40 PM
That sucks Jeff. Sounds like you need to keep driving it around on local trips to see if it will keep doing it. Could it be an elevation thing? Has it only done this to you at say 9000ft or higher?