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Shark Bait
03-23-2006, 11:21 PM
Did some research on CPR face shields.

Unfortunately, the fancy shields with the insertion tubes and Microshield filters go for over $10 each. Same item in a tamper proof pouch is $12.99. Microshield CPR Face Shield (http://tinyurl.com/hydra)

There are a couple of fairly plain shields with filters on them.

The Laerdal version would cost around $1.50 each if we buy a box of 50 for $78. Laerdal Face Shield (http://www.laerdal.com/document.asp?subnodeid=8695261)

The RescueBreather version says it has a "true" one-way valve and it also has straps to secure behind the ears for hands free use. $3.79 each for 1. A box of 25 is $83.39, and a box of 50 is $154.99. So they are $3.00 and change, each. Rescue Breather (http://tinyurl.com/hydra)

These cheaper masks also have options with gloves and in key chain style holders at a higher cost, around $5-$6 each.

We can get the Pocket Mask (Oro-Nasal Resuscitaion mask) from Laerdal without the barbed inlet for supplemental oxygen with no case for $7.50 each. Near as I can tell for that price you get the one-way valve but not the headstrap. I would need to confirm that. There are a variety of higher priced options with O2 inlet, soft and hard cases and with headstrap, combined with gloves, etc. Laerdal Pocket Masks (http://www.laerdal.com/document.asp?subnodeid=8695273#productRangeGroup)

We'd probably do well with either of the cheaper ones. The Rescue Breather brand has the hands free feature, which I've never tried. If we're going to just throw these in our first aid kits that's probably the way to go. If we buy 25 we can all have 2 or 3 in our kits and probably be set for life!

The plain pocket mask might be nice for a little more money. The advantage of the pocket mask is a good fit over both nose and mouth. But it would be a little more bulky in anyone's first aid kit.

For some reason I like the looks of the Microshield unit with the insertion tube. Maybe it's because it looks just like the one they used in the video, I don't know.

BTW, AED (http://www.cpr-savers.com/Industrials/Cpr%20prod/aed/philips-aed-defibrillator.html) units are under $2k. Maybe we could buy one and donate it to Bar-M or something. :thumb:

Let me know what you think.