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08-04-2009, 04:52 PM
Well I had better luck here selling my welder than I did anywhere else... and just so you know there are alot of nut jobs on Craigslist...

For sale:
BELOW BOOK VALUE!!! This is the cheapest 2008 Civic on craigslist in Colorado right now... even considering the miles (28k)!

I don't use it much anymore. I bought it 2 years ago because I was living in Grand Junction and my house was in Leadville...I have two other vehicles, a motorcycle and two trailers...plus the wife's car... you get the idea. This is probably the cheapest 4dr 2008 Civic on craigslist rockies..... 22,000 miles were accumulated in the first year of ownership. I just don't want a payment, insurance anymore and the registration is coming due this fall. I purchased the car new on Labor Day weekend 2007. It was one the first 2008s on the lot. I don't need to sell the car... it would be nice, but it is not a fire sale.

This car has ALWAYS gotten better than 36mpg on the highway, worst tank was 29mpg in town and the best tank was 43mpg!!!

Plus it won't work very well if twins on the way..
2008 Honda Civic automatic LX..27989 miles. Silvery Tan.. I forget the Honda name for the color.

The Rock chip in the hood needs to be fixed...Its smaller than a dime. I was going to have bedliner put on the front 3" of the hood. There is a small scratch on the driver's side front fender, not through the paint. 2" long.

This car was going to be kept until it died. My previous car was a 1991 Honda Accord that I gave away at 291,000 miles (ran perfectly) and I had a 1984 Civic WagoVan before that with 150,000 miles on it when I hydroplaned into a guardrail.

ALL maintenance up to date, including brake inspections. This is my 3rd Honda. First oil change was done at 1000 miles with Dino oil. All other oil changes were done with Mobil 1 5w20 with Wix filters. 6 wix filters come with car.

Car does have professionaly installed LEGAL window tint on all the windows except front. Included is a spray bottle of silicone window cleaner that is safe for tint

Private party value range between 13-14k. I would like to start negotiating at $13,750. I will take my payoff amount if someone is serious and I can sell it before October 31(registration due)

Pictures are certainly available... but it just like the 500,000 other Honda Civics out there... It is really clean, the interior is scheduled to be professionaly detailed next week... not that it needs it.

I can show the car in the Denver area. The car is Leadville. Note is held by bank. 970 four O six 1374. Bill of sale will be issued and title hand delivered to your door when it arrives.

08-05-2009, 07:03 PM
Car sold today...thanks!