View Full Version : Contact from Moscow

08-13-2009, 01:53 PM
Nathaniel, Bruce, or anyone else on HF:

I am in Moscow and will be at the shack of R3A on Saturday who has graciously allowed me to use his kit. Would you like to sked something on 18 or 20 meters and attempt a contact? I know the propagation is not great but we could give it a go.:D


08-16-2009, 12:56 AM
Yesterday I used my colleague's (RN3ARS) shack and made contacts from Moscow to somewhere in Germany and to Turkey right around Istanbul. It was great and I was really happy that my first HF QSO was from Moscow.:cool:

I also tried to QSO on 2m with some of the Russians in the Moscow area. When I called CQ the response was a not very polite: "What the F%$&# are you doing speaking English on 2m in Moscow.":eek: My colleague and I had a good laugh about that.

Later in the day, my collegue's Elmer (UA3AKI) came over and did some CW contesting. This was really interesting as this fellow has been a HAM since 1964. His CW was blazingly fast.

Below is a picture of the shack and some of the old Soviet circa 1960s HF radios he had as well.