View Full Version : Bronco Tech II

10-05-2009, 09:08 AM
TheBoomBoom and I decided to replace the clutch slave on the Bronco. It got worse over the past week with cold weather. It is fine when the weather is warm, but at temps in the 30 it leaks faster than we can put fluid into it.

As of this morning we have the transmission off and on the ground. Saturday we got the transfer case off and on the ground and by lunch yesterday we were well on our way then We ran into a couple of stubborn bolts. One on the starter and the second on a plate that covers the lower half of the bell housing opening. The starter bolt eventually came off with vice grips. The other we tried to air hammer chisel off the head and finally cut off with a hack saw. It took us all afternoon and once we got that last bolt out the transmission slid back very smoothly and easily.

I really have learned allot over the last couple of years hanging out with the club and felt very confident going into the job. As progress has been slow and with the two bolts yesterday my faith was put to the test. You know, thoughts of throwing in the towel and calling in a professional to clean up my mess - not because it was not doable but because it was a hassle. :o

Fortunately these thoughts were way down in the next steps rotation. Fact is, when we all take stock of our lives really very few of the rewarding things we have done, earned or experienced came easy. With perseverance and determination we seem to have crested the hill and are on the downhill side.

It has been very fun to work with TheBoomBoom, actually provide him support as I can while he does most all the work. We'll pick up with the work as we can during the week. He has to work late a couple of evenings, we have the club meeting and we are out of town this weekend but even if we don't get back to it until weekend after next - we will get it done.