View Full Version : FS: Two 4runners - 1985 and 1986

10-13-2009, 05:05 PM
Hello, everyone. First post here - recently joined the Yota community from a Subaru background. I picked up a pair of 4runners last weekend, but I found a 4runner in much better condition, so I'm dumping these two. Both would be good projects, but will take a lot of work. Located in Denver, near Cheesman Park.

Runner #1 - 1985 - Solid front axle and EFI! Clean title - $1500 OBO
Straight, solid frame.
Manual hubs.
22RE w/ headers and LC cam
auto transmission with sport/normal settings
decent interior, top is in good shape, rear window works.
Body is ok - rust cut out and ready to be filled - with one dent on the rear driver's corner
not running - I haven't even tried to diagnose it. May need a rebuild, may just need a battery.
Needs tires.


You can see the dent on the corner there.

Lift kit for the '85 -
Pro-comp 4" lift - springs, shocks, and all accessories needed, plus an IFS steering box for future high-steer.
Lists for $1100 or so - $750 alone, $500 with the truck

Runner #2 - 1986 - salvage title - $1250 OBO
Straight, solid frame
Manual hubs.
body is rough - lots of bondo with thick paint over it. Took a hit on the right-front at some point - thus the salvage title
bit torn up inside - seat covers would fix it
running roughly - I think it needs a head gasket and radiator flush
new exhaust manifold gasket included - whole exhaust system needs new gaskets.
good tires and brakes redone recently
Can get around in town, but not well.

$3000 takes both trucks and the lift

I'll get more pics up later.