View Full Version : Dakar Light or Heavy?

11-10-2009, 09:48 AM
I own a Man-a-Fre Safari 2.5" rear leaf springs and 4 matching shocks that came with my recently purchased 66 FJ40. I have been looking for a set of used front springs so I can proceed with installing the kit. After much discussion with several people, I've decided to sell my partial kit and go with the Dakar OME kit, mainly for better ride quality reasons (there is a possibility the 40 might become my daily driver in the near future). Other than the V-8 and the 33x9.5 tires, the rig is stock. I don't plan to do any heavy mods (bumper, winch, tire carrier, ect).

Any recommendations for the Dakar light or heavy spring kit? Is there any other kit that has the same reputation for ride quality that anyone might offer?

Thanks. Doug

11-10-2009, 10:59 AM
Probably not helpful on an FJ40, but I have OME Dakar springs on the back of my truck. They are mediums with an extra leaf so that they're roughly equivalent to heavy Dakar (heavy packs were backordered as assembled units when I needed springs).

OME recommends heavy for loads that are higher than standard (400 lbs over empty up to GVWR), in my case the ~300 lbs camper that is installed 95% of the time. I'd find out what the ARB/OME book says and go with it. My guess is light or medium (whichever is the one down from heavy), particularly when you go to a V8.