View Full Version : 77 FJ40 no backup lights

11-27-2009, 10:23 AM
Gonna sneak in a couple hours or so on the Cruiser today and want to at least start chasing this one down. All other electricals, lights, blinkers, etc, work fine.

Where is the backup light switch located (above the x-fer? trans?, and might it just be disconnected? Is there a typical culprit for the back up lights not working? Are there any specific Ground points I should check?

I'm heading out with a voltmeter starting at the lights, and working to the front.


Air Randy
11-27-2009, 10:46 AM
The switch is on the top of the transmission towards the rear. The wires normally route from the passenger side of the frame up and over to the switch. On my rig I am able to access the plug-in disconnect points from the passenger side underneath.

There should be 2 wires plugged into it, one of them should be hot when the key is on. If you unplug both wires check to make sure 1 is hot. If not trace down the broken wire or blown fuse and why it's blowing. If you have a hot wire, use a brad nail or short piece of wire and connect the 2 wires from the frame side together. If the BU lights come on you probably have a bad switch. If they don't be sure and check the bulbs then start working your way back looking for broken wires, etc. Always check to make sure the light sockets have a good ground too.

When you go to plug the 2 wires back into the switch it doesn't matter which one goes where, its a simple contact closure.