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12-12-2009, 04:33 PM
Lifestyle changes are forcing me to sell my favorite toy: my 1991 FJ80 Land Cruiser diesel conversion. I don't like it, as she's one of a kind. I am currently in Wisconsin, but will be driving the truck to Colorado to spend a couple of weeks with family over Christmas and could show it to people there, where the 4x4 market is likely a bit more intense than it is here at home.

Pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/amy.seigel/Cummins4BTInToyoFJ80#

* 1991 FJ 80 body - in great shape. Truck was purchased for conversion project two years ago from AZ, so has almost zero rust. Interior is also in very good condition.
* Cummins 4BTA engine - also in great shape.
* Re-manufactured GM 700R4 overdrive automatic transmission with locking torque converter and a split transfer case with part time 4WD upgrade for better mileage.
* Conversion was originally done by Proffitt's Cruisers out of Delta, CO, however truck was not fully functional after initial conversion (major issues with the suspension, transmission, etc.), so has since been basically re-built by Shawn
Kennedy of Kennedy Race Cars in Denver, CO, Ben Davis (suspension and custom step bars), and Kieth and Jeffery at Transmission Warehouse in Denver.
* It gets around 20mpg hwy, and slightly less than that around town. Everything on this truck is practically brand new in terms of the mechanics - it has a rebuilt suspension, transmission and transfer case, and all the inter-workings have been gone through with a fine tooth comb in the last year and a half.
* The truck has 160k on it, the engine about 126k.

Things needing attention: The AC - I need to have a new hose fit for it since the old connection was too short resulting in some crimping and leaking issues; it's been low priority because we don't see a lot of heat up here in WI. The body has a few small rust spots on the reach hatch and a couple of other places, but they are very minor and could be touched up quickly and easily. The interior is very clean with only the kind of wear you would expect from a car of this vintage. I have the names and phone numbers of everyone who has worked on the truck in the past couple of years, and would be more than happy to pass those along if you'd like to discuss it with them.

If you are seriously interested, please email me at amy dot seigel at gmail dot com. I've been told by several good mechanic friends here to ask $24000 for the truck, but that is negotiable to some extent.

Thank you for looking! I am of course happy to answer any questions I can, and will find the answers for you if I don't have them ready at a moment's notice.

12-13-2009, 07:25 PM
That would be a fun rig!


12-13-2009, 07:42 PM
It is a fun rig. But no, it's not locked. I bought it as a daily driver, so while it's all ready to be tricked out for rock crawling, it doesn't have many of the off-road goodies installed yet. However, it does have one awesome set of custom rock sliders/step bars that are the real deal and welded to the frame. :-) Plus, they help me get in!

12-14-2009, 06:00 PM
nice rig. lovin the diesel. but why not a 6bt??