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12-20-2009, 04:37 PM
Pleas take the time to read my message i sent to all our club members. It concerns all of us.
Ken Emory

We have invited trout unlimited to speak at our feb meeting in Montrose. We need to keep our friends
close to us and our enemies closer as Reg says. Please remember that trout unlimited, in my opinion,
has two goals and that is to restrict or destroy motorized recreation and make as much open lands into
wilderness areas in Colorado. Now they are trying to take 40% of OHV funding away from motorized
recreation. We need to work hard to make sure this does not happen. We also must work with all
groups to defeat their proposal to make the Alpine Loop into a National Conservation Area. This would be just the first step towards closing the area to motorized. Please let your friends and business owners in
the Ouray and Silverton area know what their goals are for this area that they do not live here but want to
tell us how we recreate where we live. I will contact county commissioners and brief them on their
proposal and how this could destroy local economy. If you have friends that belong to trout unlimited
please share our concerns because i believe that a lot of their members do not support eliminating
motorized recreation. They tell people and their members that they support limited motorized recreation
but you can tell from their actions (roadless areas, trying to steal money from OHV funds from Parks
Board) that they do not. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS

Ken Emory
Western Slope 4 Wheelers

12-21-2009, 09:33 AM
I know they meet at the Evergreen Beau Joe's, and I thought I remember them being horrible costumers and tippers, but after thinking about it it might have been one of the other groups that had meetings there. Would it help to go to their meetings? I don't wanna get all town hall on them, just like 2 help if possible.

12-21-2009, 11:58 AM
Here's the link to Colorado Trout Unlimited. I didn't see anything on their web site about this initiative.

12-21-2009, 10:14 PM
From their website (http://www.cotrout.org/Conservation/PLIATV/tabid/248/Default.aspx):

"TU in Colorado - Sportsmens Conservation Project

Trout Unlimited's mission is to protect coldwater fisheries and the watersheds upon which they depend. Since most functioning watersheds in the West are found on higher-elevation public lands that provide prime elk and other big game habitat, TU conducts its Sportsmen's Conservation Project (SCP) as an outreach program aimed at hunters as well as anglers. SCP's man in Colorado is Durango-based state field director David Petersen (dpetersen@tu.org).

SCP operates active field programs to address four major concerns for the long-term protection of public-lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and watersheds:

1. Stemming the flood-tide of off-road vehicle abuse and overuse
2. Monitoring and moderating oil, gas, and coal-bed methane development in the Interior West
3. Protecting undeveloped backcountry roadless areas
4. Working for the designation of new wilderness in areas with significant watershed, fish, wildlife, hunting, and fishing values.

To learn more, visit the Sportsmen's Cosnervation Project page at TU.org. To stay informed and learn how to get personally involved in these good fights, sign up for SCP’s free monthly Field Notes newsletter: just send your email address to cfisher@tu.org, with “Field Notes subscription” in the subject line."


12-22-2009, 08:43 AM
Thanks for posting Ige, Matt and Dan.

Email sent. ;)

01-19-2010, 09:50 AM
The Wilderness Society is running a letter drive to get 100% of our OHV grant funds shifted from OHV recreation to "enforcement, restoration, education". Currently, these funds can be used for everything from trail construction, maintenance, and enforcement. There is no need to change any grant funding criteria. This is just a way for groups like the WS to take away the one source of funding the OHV community has.

I would encourage everyone to write to the Colorado State Parks board and demand that the OHV grant money (which we pay for with our OHV registrations) be used for it's intended purpose. If groups like the Wilderness Society, Trout Unlimited, etc. would take the time to actually read what these funds are being used for, they would see that the majority is already used for trail repair, maintenance, and enforcement. This is just a way for these groups to take away money that we have raised to responsibly recreate and use it against us.

From the WS site:

What's At Stake?
Rein In Reckless Off-Road Vehicle Use in Colorado

The Colorado OHV Program which is funded by a $25.25 annual registration fee on OHVs has risen from $300k in 1997 to nearly $3.2M without any change in grant selection criteria; and

While the State Parks OHV Program awards over 90% of the $3.2M in grants to federal land OHV projects, the current project selection criteria used to award grants through the Colorado OHV Program has not addressed or resulted in the essential and priority funding of significant law enforcement support and environmental restoration of unauthorized routes.

Other western states such as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California have recently passed legislation directing OHV registration funds toward responsible management of OHV use and have dedicated significant funding to law enforcement and restoration of damaged areas.

A broad coalition of conservationists, sportsmen and others support reprioritizing the project selection criteria and focus of the Colorado OHV Fund grants so that the annual fees of approximately $3.2M from the OHV Program are used for projects that better address the total impacts of OHV use in Colorado and help fund the responsible management of OHV recreation across the state.

We are urging the Colorado State Parks Board to pass the rule making and regulatory changes necessary to dedicate 40% of the annual OHV Program monies to qualified grant applicants for law enforcement support and law enforcement activities directly focused on decreasing illegal OHV use and enforcing designated routes on public lands; 30% of the annual OHV Program monies to qualified grant applicants dedicated to restoration of unauthorized or non-system routes in order to facilitate restoration of ecologically damaged areas; and 30% of the annual OHV Program monies to qualified grant applicants focused on providing appropriate trail signage, maps, educational outreach to the public and proper maintenance of existing OHV routes.

By providing sufficient resources from the OHV Program to local communities for law enforcement, non-system route restoration and OHV trail maintenance, maps and signage, we can protect access for responsible OHV riders, while ensuring Colorado's natural heritage and quality of life is available for future generations to enjoy.

If you would like to send your own letter via postal mail, you may send it here:

Mr. Dean Winstanley & the Colorado State Parks Board
Colorado State Parks
1313 Sherman Street, Suite 618
Denver, CO 80203