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12-31-2009, 12:53 PM
Got a start on this today. Long way to go, but here are the stats so far.

Kenwood DDX514, installed
Sirius Connect, connected but sitting in my cup holder
NAV, still in box
Bluetooth, in transit with UPS
Pioneer Door speakers, Still in box.
Kenwood powered sub, need to purchase or choose other unit.

Currently running with OEM amps as Crutchfield only had a wiring harness to do so. Need to get an universal Toyota one from Best Buy or somewhere to bypass them.

I'll probably do a full write up in tech when I have all components installed and working properly.

12-31-2009, 12:56 PM
Nice! does that tuner do nav stuff too?

Man must be cold down there, I see both heaters are cranked! :lmao:

12-31-2009, 05:46 PM
Nice! does that tuner do nav stuff too?

Man must be cold down there, I see both heaters are cranked! :lmao:

Both heaters were turned up to get it good and warm before I pulled it into my 10 degree unheated garage for the install. Space heater just outside the door blowing in.

The head unit will also provide the NAV. This unit does not have it built in but a piggy back is available and sitting on my coffee table. I choose this route for two reasons. The piggy back has a SD card slot for software upgrades and hopefully topo maps. (it will work according to my homework). 2nd it takes one item out from behind the dash making more heat. I plan to install the NAV into the center console storage compartment for easy access to the card slot. There is a Kenwood DNX6140 available that is basically the same head unit with NAV and Bluetooth built-in (but no SD card slot).

I still need to purchase topo software from Garmin or another provider? if anything else will work. This topo stuff is really stretching my computer savy as I'm pretty much a email / web suffer when it comes to computers. :confused::mad::rant::banghead::computertoss::o:whiteflag:

When I get it all done and running I'll do a full write up for the other nobs like myself.

02-06-2010, 08:04 PM
Little progress today, well a lot actually. Got the NAV unit installed and working 100%. Put it in the glove box though and not really happy with that location. Too much cord in there with it. Not really enough space behind the dash to hide it. Might move the NAV to the center console lower storage compartment. I need to keep it accessable for SD card access. Blue tooth I hid under the center consle. But my mic is not picking up voice? Incoming sound is good. Ipod connection is not working. Get sound but no contol of Ipod on head unit. Worked with my neighbors. So I think Marianne's Ipod is too old or software needs to be updated. DVD only plays sound but not video?

Maybe I can get a fe of these things taken care of in the am before the game.

Sorry no pics today, try to tomorrow. Things pretty much look the same on the surface.

Shark Bait
02-06-2010, 11:22 PM
From the picture it looks like it also plays 8 Track. :lmao: