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01-14-2010, 04:38 PM
Stay the trail is looking for donations from OHV clubs to purchase another vehicle to spread the word about responsible trail use. This might be a worthy cause for a donation from our philanthropy money perhaps?

$1000 gets our clubs name on the new Stay the Trail rig.

From Stay the Trail:

Well folks... the time has come. Stay The Trail has started to outgrow its shoes, and in light of this, we're looking for some additional help from the OHV community to help us continue to spread the responsible recreation ethic that is the first step towards maintaining our OHV access on public lands!

Our plan for this next summer, and leading into the future, is to have multiple outreach vehicles (and yes, that means we're going to be hiring a seasonal trailhead outreach person... more details on that later this winter) getting the word out within the state of Colorado. We are looking at a smaller set-up, but something that can still tow a small box trailer with a couple ATVs. We need your help to make this happen. The land managers are seeing us as a very useful tool to help promote responsible recreation, which is obviously a huge plus for us.

So here's the deal, and please spread this as far and wide as possible within the forums of the 4x4 community...

We are going to run this as a bit of a competition. We have a PayPal account* that is accessible off the www.staythetrail.org homepage... Its on the lefthand side, the big orange button that says "DONATE"

After you fill in the donation information, click the "review donation" button at the bottom... Now here's the important part! There is a small box that says "special instructions for merchant"... In that box, I need for you to type in "Stay The Trail - risingsun4x4club.org". Why? Because the way this is going to work is that any forum collectively giving us more than $1000 will get a smaller forum sticker on the vehicle under the heading of "This vehicle purchased thanks to members of: ...." The forum with the highest donation level will get a windshield banner as a showing of our appreciation. This vehicle will be seen by thousands of people around the state, so this is also a chance to help promote your favorite forums.

The contest/donation period closes on March 15th. That gives us 2 months to make it happen. I will provide weekly updates on total donation amounts.

For anyone wanting to use a check instead, please make checks payable to:

Responsible Recreation Foundation
P.O. Box 620252
Littleton, CO 80162

In the memo line... write "Stay The Trail - risingsun4x4club.org" so that we can track this.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax-deductible as well...

For more information, feel free to contact Justin - justin@staythetrail.org