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01-21-2010, 04:46 PM
This is one I'm looking at

205,000 miles
some new parts and service.

what are the differences between '96 and '97
is 205,000 a ton of miles
What are some of the issues I should be looking for? headgasket, timing chain/belt, ???
Do these have locking torque converters?

Anyone have one with 300,000 miles? If so, what work have you had to do.

Any advice would be great, I've never owned one of these but it seems like everyone loves the ones they have.
I'm going to post this over on IH8Mud too.

01-21-2010, 05:28 PM
I'll take a high-level, non-mechanic, not the best person to give advice, stab at this :hill:

(1) No differences between '96 & '97 80s other than some '97 80s were sold as Collector Editions and Anniversary Editions that have subtle differences
(2) 205K / 2K lbs per ton = ~100 tons :hill: | IMO that is a lot of miles but many, many, many owners have rigs with 200k+ miles on them
(3) Headgasket, leaks, maintenance history, front axle seals and general condition
(4) Yes

I only have ~120K on each of my 80s. I expect them to last a long time. Major things I have had to do on both rigs are brakes, axle service, and....Guess that is it for "major" services. All the other stuff has been regular maintenance like fluid changes, coolant flush, PHH replacement, starter contacts, hoses, tranny flush, bulbs, antenna motor/mast, window motor, etc.

One thing about an 80 is they are pretty dang reliable but when something breaks it is often going to be expensive to repair/replace. These things were $45K+ rigs when new and even thought they are 13+ years old many of the parts are still pretty dang expensive (new MAF runs $600+).

This might be a helpful link:


01-21-2010, 08:37 PM
Being a relatively new 80 owner, I'd add two additional bits. One, if you have someone nearby that is familiar w/ 80's, I'd take them with you to look at it. Even after some fairly extensive reading on mud before I bought my 80, I still missed some things in the inspection before I purchased. Follow up to that would be to budget a decent amount of money for PM items unless you are getting a really good maintenance history. If you end up not needing to PM anything (unlikely) then you can always spend the cash on fun toys :D


01-21-2010, 09:18 PM
80's, like other cruiser models, were designed to run on crap fuel in third world countries, in extreme conditions. While they will tolerate lack of PM by ignorant owners, they do need TLC. They luckily don't have timing belts, and as long as the cooling system and tranny are kept with reasonablly clean fluids, the motor and tranny will go easliy 250-300 K. The tranny does have a locking TQ. No timing chain issues like the 20/22R's.

The head gasket "thing" has been completely blown out of proportion. If there is no coolant in the oil, proven by oil analysis, chances are the HG is still good. I am sick of the internet babble on 'Mud saying otherwise. Same goes with front spindles worn out on "all 80's on the road". If you want to keep the economy going by replacing your good HG and leaky upper pan arch/ rear main seal, by all means, go ahead.

01-21-2010, 10:18 PM
The head gasket "thing" has been completely blown out of proportion. If there is no coolant in the oil, proven by oil analysis, chances are the HG is still good.

I tend to agree now...It seems maybe 10% of 80 series owners on MUD have had HG issues :confused: - I know when I was first looking and I was reading MUD I was convinced that whatever rig I bought, within 2 years I would be replacing he HG. I was so convinced that I purchased an aftermarket warranty :o. In the end the warranty paid for itself, barely, so no loss. Robbie probably has a better feel for HG problems.

That said, I plan to do my part in the future to keep Robbie busy by doing the HG on the LX as PM because I plan to keep it for a long time...I won't mess with the 80 unless it goes because I'm never sure what the :Princess: has planned...

Hopefully my HG PM will be necessary due to installation of either a supercharger or turbocharger at the same time :) - Just have to win the lottery first

01-21-2010, 10:32 PM
Maybe I'm just in denial:D

01-21-2010, 10:53 PM
what turns the cams?

01-22-2010, 12:04 AM
what turns the cams?


Reading this is pretty funny...It states:

The 3F–E engine is replaced by the newly–developed 1FZ–FE engine in the ’93 models. The 1FZ–FE engine is an in–line, 6–cylinder, 4.5–liter, 24–valve, DOHC engine. It is a high performance engine for the ’90s, offering fuel economy, low vibration, and low noise levels.


From some reason I didn't think the 1FZ-FE put out 275ft-lb of torque...I thought it was less but now that I think about it 212HP, 275ft-lb does sound familiar. I think supercharged 1FZ-FEs put out 304HP, 334ft-lb