View Full Version : Improving winch free spool?

01-31-2010, 05:48 PM
After wearing myself out at Eldora, I decided to take the scenic route home today. I went down Switzerland trail from Peak to Peak to Sugarloaf. I know, don't wheel by yourself.... It really is mild off highway with a bit of snow mixed in. My 80 performed admirably but there were a few deep spots that required winching. The winch (9.5XP) worked great but pulling the cable out is a PITA. I figure the geaxbox is full of grease that gets thicker when cold but is there a way to make the drum spin easier in free spool mode? Thinner grease?

On the part of the trail that has the deepest snow, I met a group of people on 4 wheelers. The two small ones made it through the deep part without problem. They had a larger 4 seater thing that was totally stuck in the drifts. I pulled them out and then proceeded expecting to have to winch through the ruts. The 80 sailed through the snow and never stopped - quite a rush. All in all, a great day with skiing and wheelin'.

01-31-2010, 07:45 PM
One thing that will help a ton is to switch over to synthetic rope. It is easier to deal with and comes of the drum smoother and it is easier to carry. Not to mention all the other pros that come with it.

I think you are right about the grease and the drum. I guess you can change out the grease with some better stuff. I would check into marine type lithium grease if not mistaken. It is waterproof and if you get the right stuff not affected by extreme temperatures as much.

I'll be interested to see what you find, mine is a little tough too but the rope made a huge difference. The wife even pulled line last year during the snow run, she pulled more than I did.

01-31-2010, 08:19 PM

I noticed last weekend with my M8274 on the 40 that it wouldn't free spool and I had to power out the cable (wire rope)...I thought I was doing something wrong and then I realized that even though the winch has never been used, that the cable was binding on itself because of the shoddy way it had previously been spooled in. On the snow run a couple years ago Bill had to power out even his rope with the hook end wrapped around his bumper because everything had tightened down on top of each other...

Maybe you've already ruled out the above but once I got past the first wrap or so on the M8274 the winch free spooled like normal.