View Full Version : 4sp Tranny + Tcase

02-19-2010, 10:00 PM
I have an offer on an 85 transmission mounted to the split transfer with 4sp bellhousing for 150. Good deal? I want to upgrade my 69 that has a 3sp. It has been sitting semi outside for over a year, what should I check on it? Input into the trans is obviously rusty from the elements, but no deep rust. The owner seems honest about its history, came out of a fj60 with around 120k on its odometer.

Any and all advice welcome! Thanks yall....

02-21-2010, 05:55 PM
Sound like a good deal. Hopefully it still has oil in it. Check and see if the shafts spin freely, shifts good, and no slop in the brearings. If you want to make sure have one of the guru's here check it out for you, or have a tranny shop rebuild it. The problem now is you won't have a t/c e-brake and the bolt pattern on your drive shaft will not match.

02-21-2010, 09:04 PM
Should have mentioned; I checked shifting into each gear, seams solid into each, no "soft" shifts, feel a positive click. Outputs both work on the transfer as well with little to no play between the input into the tranny and the outputs from the transfer. I plan on mating my current 3sp transfer to the 4sp transmission because I want to keep my PTO. No worries on wrong sized output flanges due to retaining current transfer. I know I'll have to lengthen, shorten my drive shafts though. Englewood Driveshaft should do the trick.