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03-04-2010, 03:25 PM
By advocating closing our routes, most of which are old logging or mining roads. Nothing new. Just a reminder of who your friends aren't.


Putting trees where roads once were...

Crumbling, unused and environmentally harmful. That about sums
it up for the vast network of old logging roads that scar our
national forests. We've always known that removing these roads
will improve erosion problems and water quality, but now we've
quantified just how much doing so will help in the fight against
climate change.

According to our new report
(http://action.wilderness.org/ct/6pwJ4y719Xvv/), if the Forest
Service were to permanently close and re-vegetate all of its
unneeded roads, it could create the same amount of carbon
storage as removing up to 8.8 million cars from the road for one

Click here to get the full story:

Cool, now saving the world is as easy as hating OHVs.

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed... mother Nature is perfectly capable of restoring "crumbling, unused" routes. Take a look at some of the lost (CLOSED) routes around Holy Cross for an example. The biggest issue is, the crowding of immature conifers where the roads once were.
They aren't talking about unused roads here.

Next up! Closing OHV roads as an act of fiscal responsibility. Too expensive for the USFS to maintain.