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03-12-2010, 12:16 PM
any 80 owners out there I'm sure have experienced the 'stinky' AC problem

well to keep it short, there's a TSB here:

and one of the mud articles here:

the tsb outlines a list of toyota parts to use to clean out the system to rid oneself of the toyota ac stink

the mud article outlines some alternatives including a BG product that seems far less complicated and probably cheaper.

My question is this:
has anyone on here done either method? if so experiences? effectiveness, both cost and intended purpose effectiveness...

thanks for the input,
I'm looking into going one of these 2 routes soon

03-12-2010, 01:23 PM

I haven't looked at the TSB info but I have looked into the Frigi-Clean method:


I still plan on buying the stuff if you are interested in joing in on the group buy or coordinate a group buy that would be :cool: - I never got around to it last year and then it became winter and well, you know :rolleyes: - Now is the time to start thinking about it again though :thumb:

03-12-2010, 04:28 PM
When I worked at Toyota we did several stinky ac jobs. None on 80's. Not a huge demand in keywest. Lol. But the kit we were using was a foaming kit that we sprayed up the evaporate drain after un cloging it. Most of the stink was comming from the water that came off the evaporator and was suposed to drain out to the ground. But as it collects in the system and mixes with the dust it creates ALOT of mold. Which is your stink. The kit is a foam we'd spray up the drain hole and it was a expanding antibotix foam crap. Smelt weird. Kinda like carpet cleaner. But we'd let it set in there for like 20 min and it would eventually turn back to liquid. And we'd pull the stoper. And let it all drain and repeat the process like 3 times till gone. The kit also came with a small arosall can to spray into the vents to kill any airborne bacteria. Then your suposed to run the car with the ac clutch un pluged or relay unnpkuged and ac on with the system on recurclate. For 20 minutes to circulate the airsaul spray through the system. The kit was a light blue kit. They might sell it to you.

Mind the typos. This was all on iPhone.