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09-05-2005, 07:37 PM
Want to thank Farnham for leading a fun run on Sunday up to Holy Cross City. We had a lot of fun. I headed up friday night, figured I might as well enjoy the whole weekend up there :) . Saturday went for a short hike. On my way to the trail head on sunday, saw a black bear running across the road on 24. Looked to be a couple years old. Saw him right as I was coming up to the top of the hill where the mine is(outside of Minturn), always forget the name of that mine.... We had a good group for the run. 6 rigs total. Farnham leading with his new framed 40, Fritz in the red 80, Jey in another 40 with 35's, Rob in the Lexus, Jeremy in the older blue mini, and Joe Calleja in his built 2nd gen mini.

The first part of the trail consisted od a nice drive through the forest, with a few rocks her and there to keep it fun. Part way up, Farnham bent his bead on the inner tire. But with a big hammer had it back together in no time. Other than the bead, we were making realy good time(and with a group of 16 behind us, it was nice to make some distance). We got to the first big obstacle and made it through with no real trouble. A short distance after, we came to French Creek. There was one Tacama crossing when we got there. He ended up getting a tug. Joe walked through on the right side with out mutch effort, as did Jeremy. Rob in the Lexus had a little trouble but manged to get through. Fritz decided this is where he'd leave the 80 and ride along. Farnham was next, was making good progress untill the exit when he used a little to mutch gas and got hung up on the skid plate. With all wheels off the ground. Finally taking a tug from Rob. Jey was last to cross. He ended up sliding of the line and had some trouble getting out, but after some rock stacking and some highlift jack he was bale to brake free.

With everybody clear, we headed on to cleavlend(sp?) rock. There was a little rock to climb over befor Cleavlend, that got a little tipy, this is where Rob ended up blowing the EFI fuse in the Lexus(I didnt see what happend as I was distracted elswhere). Joe made it up after a few attempts and Jeremy walked right up Cleavlend rock. Rob decide to call it good and turn back.

After Cleavlend rock, we headed back down to Holy Cross city for lunch. By this time the sun started comming out and was most enjoyable. We decide to hang out there for a while till we saw the group behind us comming up. After about an hour they were comming up to the city. We packed up and started down for French Creek. There was one Jeep having a tough time at the exit of French creek, and end the end getting a tug from Farnham to get out. Everybody made it down with out much trouble. Other than two rocks to watch out for on the way down. From there it was a slow drive out to the main road. Had a good time on the trail and enjoyed riding along. Thanks Farnham. And I did make it back in time for dinner at my friends parrents condo in east Vail. And learned that Mr. Lestikow makes one of the best steakes ever! :D .

Here are some of the pics I got. One from the short hike on saturday, overlooking 24. One on the way to the trail head(off the Homesteak rd). Farnham heading up, Fritz heading up. Farnahm tryin to fix his bent bead.

09-05-2005, 07:44 PM
More :) Joe going up one of the first big obstacles. Next is Jeremy going up. Then Rob in the Lex. And Jey going up. And Joe taking the hard lin at French Creek.

09-05-2005, 07:50 PM
More: Jeremy crossing French Creek. Rob crossing. Farnham crossing, then getting stuck. Then Joe Attempting Cleavlend rock..

09-05-2005, 07:53 PM
Last few: Jeremy up Cleavlend Rock. Holy Cross City. And some of the mine equipment still left up there....

09-06-2005, 01:51 PM
Nice run. Thanks for the report. What size tires did Rob in the Lexus have? Sounds like he made it through the creek un-aided.

Looks like a few of our guys stomped everything on the trail. Way to go.

09-07-2005, 10:42 AM
Nice run. Thanks for the report. What size tires did Rob in the Lexus have? Sounds like he made it through the creek un-aided.

Looks like a few of our guys stomped everything on the trail. Way to go.

Think Rob was running 33's :confused: . Cant remember.....

09-25-2005, 10:27 AM
Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes I was running 33's on my Lexus and I was able to cross the creek with Joe Calleja as a spotter.