View Full Version : 13 Day Colorado Trip

05-24-2010, 01:03 PM
Hello everyone-

Now that my daughter is almost a year old, the wife and I are thinking of taking a 4x4 trip through Colorado. I'm familiar with most of the state from a dirtbike (singletrack) stand point but not from a 4x4 view. The plan is to mix camping with hotels. We'll be heading out in July and then again in Sept so I don't think snow will be much of an issue. Each trip will be approximately 13 days long. Does anybody have any GPS Tracks or suggestions for a route.

We'll be leaving out of Pine Junction and heading North for the first trip and South for the second, or vice versa. We've got a lifted and locked FJ80 but I'm hoping to have the '64 FJ40 ready to roll by Sept. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is baja1d@msn.com

Thanks in advance,