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06-16-2010, 08:06 PM
SOLD-Pending Final Payment
I deleted the old thread and am starting a new one because I am making some changes
2005 Adventure Trailer Horizon – This will be priced for the basic trailer (No RTT) and then there are prices to add features to a fully built up trailer or purchase parts seperately
Original delivery Oct 2005

Basic Trailer price as equipped below $7500, add your own RTT and your ready to go-Horizon Trailer Kit VIN 1A9HU09155C653016 with Deluxe trim package: 19 gallon water tank & water pump, 2 x 5 gallon CARB compliant gas cans, nose box, custom kitchen galley w/2 burner stove, one 11 lb propane cylinder, compartment dividers, cutting board and 6' x 6' retractable awning, slightly bent but fully functional pintle Hitch
-Electric Braked Axle Upgrade, Electric Braked Axle Break Away kit.
- Shore power plug and 10AMP battery charger in nose cone. Single battery, but tray for second battery
- Two 35” Toyo MTRs on 16” Toyota 80 series Landcruiser Rims
- No Tent in Basic Option
- Bearings just replaced and packed with new
- New 18 Gallon water tank and pump to replace the older design that can grow algae

Add or sold separately Globetrotter RTT and Brackets - $2500 plus shipping if sold separately– Add Globetrotter RTT with Changing room and rack mounts. This is a special Globetrotter with 4” longer changing room panels to make up for the extra height of the Horizon. The tent and brackets together cost $3100 plus shipping so this is $700 off for an RTT that was used twice
The normal Globetrotter is too short for the Horizon and the panels end up having some of the ground liner 4 inches into the air. The manufacturer made a custom set 4 inches long for me so they fit perfect. The following pictures are with the original panels and you can see the material sticking up 4". The pictures at the end of the ad are with the new panels after I swapped them.
Then you can deploy the additional awning and add the Changing room

Add or sold separately 2nd Propane Tank and Mounting Bracket - $75 plus shipping if sold separately
Looks just like the standard one in the below sink picture, but on the other side
Add or sold separately Stainless Sink Option - $200 plus shipping if sold separately
Add or sold separately ARB Fridge Slide - $250 plus shipping if sold separately Fridge not included
Add or sold separately Multi-Axis Coupler - $200 plus shipping if sold separately
The options new within the last 6 months cost $4080. Price here for options is $3225 for things that have been used twice
Total setup priced with Options is $10725, Sell all together as package deal for $10,200 or you can configure and buy items separately

Here are a few pictures from Moab last month. They had record winds near 70MPH. I put the awnings down, but other than that, we were fine. It was less wind were we were, not sure how much less, but it was really windy
I wasnt on level ground, good thing I had the longer panels
Woke up to snow one morning. I used a Mr Buddy heater and a seperate CO monitor and we were nice and toasty.

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Why are you selling it ?? You just bought it.

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I bought a kimberley kamper

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SOLD-Pending Final Payment

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SOLD-Pending Final Payment

Congrats :thumb: