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05-10-2006, 08:26 AM
From Gene King... BTW, I am a shooter and member of the NRA- and I want to see LeftHand closed to shooting. It has no business being there, it's waaaaay too populated, and shooters are one of the biggest environmental problems there due to very bad habits. Send in your comments.
A couple of items of interest in the Apr 1 thru Jun 30 Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA):

** Urban Front Country Regulation Review - review and propose changes to the recreation regulations in relation to dispersed camping, campfires, and recreational shooting on the Boulder Ranger District.
Decision: expected 04/2007 Implementation expected - 06/2007
Contact: Cathy Luna, 303-541-2508, cluna@fs.fed.us (cluna@fs.fed.us)

** Left Hand Canyon EA Expected 04/2006 Implementation expected 05/2006 (I think this has been in several past SOPA's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Contact: Cathy Luna, 303-541-2508, cluna@fs.fed.us (cluna@fs.fed.us)