View Full Version : Where are they now?

07-09-2010, 11:30 PM
Wanted to buy; blue "Wedco" brand steel water cans. In the 20 liter (5 gallon) size. These are like the red jerry gas cans,or yellow for diesel, except that they are lined for potable water storage. New or used OK for me. These are known as "NATO" cans.

07-09-2010, 11:43 PM
Christo or A&A Trading Post? How about that place up in Ft Collins and Boulder, Jax's Mercantile?

Otherwise maybe Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters or Paul @ Equipt Outfitters?

07-11-2010, 08:54 AM
EE has them.


07-11-2010, 09:31 AM
Thank you Matt! I've been looking for these too for a while (not really deliberately, but I've been keeping my eye out for them). Seems they're somewhat of a rare bird.

BTW, you sold your Tacoma?

07-11-2010, 11:07 AM
EE has them.


awsome web sight.. i just went through every brand they had to just check it out..

07-11-2010, 12:09 PM
I hear they rust...

07-13-2010, 01:24 PM
Thank You Matt/Jacket. Hello Matt/Subzalli, I will soon order two cans from EE. Do You want two of any of the Wedco cans? So we can recieve the 4 can discount. Anybody else? Dean

07-13-2010, 01:41 PM
Sorry Dean, my Land Cruiser budget is pretty much $0 for a while yet, I've got a $1000+/month budget for my Tundra and my KTM, so I'd say the toy fund is about as maxed out as it can be for a while! And no, that's not a budget for mods and it doesn't go 100% for maintenance, and it's not a minimum payment either...:o

Dr. Schlegs
07-17-2010, 09:16 PM
I saw blue plastic jugs at Wal-Mart in the camping section. Just an FYI.