View Full Version : WTB 22r/re

07-20-2010, 03:12 PM
I convinced my coworkers to get toyotas and one bought a 97 4unner sr5 leather, 5speed:eek: the other bought a 84 4runner with whom I inspected b4 purchase and its pretty solid. No cracks in the frame but it needs a new motor. 90psi cyl one 60psi cyl 2. Added 1cc or oil and. Cyl one goes to 120psi (bad rings) and cyl 2 goes to 65psi lol. Bad gasket or head issues. :rant:
Anyways. Were going to rebuild "a" 22r motor we just need a spare. He's unshure if he wants to half ass fix the one that's In it so he can drive it. And do a master rebuild on tbe spare Motor (that were looking for ) or rebuild his current motor properlly (more Down time)