View Full Version : Referral/Advice wanted - small electric motor (dryer) repair

08-01-2010, 05:22 PM
Before I spend $102.99 + shipping to order a new dryer motor (a 1996 Kenmore) does anyone have a recommendation for a place and if it even makes sense to have the current motor checked/fixed?

The motor spins smoothly by hand (I have it out) but not when powered with no load while in the machine (there it just humms). I can turn the drum fairly easily but not super smooth. Definitely rougher than before and it was a too-big load of laundry that made it stop. I am toying with the idea of ordering the idler arm (that pulley is tight and very worn) and new belt (very frayed) first.

Bonus Q: As pictured below there seems to be some sort of centrifugal limiter. The first photo shows the device. The second photo shows the device extended and then that black ring allows a switch below to trigger. What is this device? (Answer below if you want)

Edit 1: I remounted the motor (blew out all the dust), no load, and it spins up fine. I'm ordering the idler arm and new belt (the old one may have jammed) and going to reassemble with that before I buy a new motor.

08-01-2010, 08:50 PM
The centrifugal limiter triggers the heat switch so that if the motor stops spinning (it spins the drum and blower) the heat turns off. Slick.