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4runner luv
08-25-2010, 11:12 AM
I am about to purchase some new rims for my 4runner, but before I do, I wanted to see if anyone is selling any? I am looking for 16" x 8" aluminum with 4" to 4.5" of backspacing. Landcruiser FJ80 or the LX450 rims would be great, though I realize they are coveted as I have had no luck finding any. A set of 5 would be perfect, but I would be happy with 4 as well.

Also, once I get my new ones installed, I will be selling my existing set of 4 + spare. Though if you are looking for something different and have rims as described above, I would be up for a trade... even with some extra cash thrown on top. They are the 16"x7" aluminum 6 spoke that are pretty common... but with a twist. They are chrome. I would keep them, but I really want an extra inch on my outward stance. I have actually looked into getting them widened, but it's way to expensive (as one might expect). They do have a bit of pitting though... stupid snow melt stuff... they looked brand new when I left Arizona 2 years ago.

Any offers... or advice on a good place to buy some used aftermarket rims?

As of now, I am planning on American Eagles, set of 4, from eBay for $425, + one individual for $125.

Existing Rims (have since been polished, so they are currently a bit more blingedy bling).


08-25-2010, 12:00 PM
A litttle hijack but… do you by chance have your pre- locking hub center caps? I have a good pair and a nasty pair on my '97. Thx

08-25-2010, 12:36 PM
I've got a set but not sure they are what you might be looking for...They aren't 80 series or LX but I'm pretty sure they are 16x8 rims with standard Taco/80 series backspacing I believe. I bought them from Nakman for the tires that I plan to put on the :Princess:'s 80. I was going to use the wheels to mount my 285 Toyos on for emission tires when I move up to 315s. Well, now I have a spare set of 80 series wheels (albeit painted black :o) to use with the Toyos so I don't need these. Convoluted enough for you? :hill:

Here is a picture of what the wheels looked like on Tim's Taco.

4runner luv
08-25-2010, 12:42 PM

The ones in the picture are the originals. I cut the holes in them with a Dremel for the locking hubs. If by chance I sell or trade them and they don't want the center caps, You can have the two I have on the rear, that don't have holes.

That is what you were asking about, right?

4runner luv
08-25-2010, 12:45 PM

Those might be perfect. They appear to look almost exactly like the ones I was planning on purchasing off eBay. I'll PM you my phone number.