View Full Version : 3 Yamaha 125cc Dirt Bikes

08-28-2010, 07:13 PM
I have had these for 3 years now and never ridden them... I bought a pair of them from the 2nd owner. He got them from an elderly couple who bought them new as a pair. I have the titles for both and the keys. They are relatively low mileage and I had them both running right after I got them. 100% complete including all the lights and mirrors. Not perfect, but could make great trail or street bikes. Both have kick start and working push-button electric start. One of them has the optional 2nd seat on the back (mounts on rack) where the other simply has the factory rack.

Additionally, I have another complete matching bike that I got for parts. I also had it running. No turn signals, but everything else is complete.

There are also some extra parts and a service manual if I remember right. Willing to sell the entire lot for $1,200. Would obviously need new batteries. I removed the batteries and drained/removed the fuel tanks when I stored them.

The one in front of the wooden fence with no front fender and the pin stripes on the tank is the "parts" bike.

Located in South Denver. Call 3oh3-ateoh6-oh6forate


08-29-2010, 05:41 PM
Forgot to mention these are all 1971 model years. The 2 complete bikes have about 3,300 and 4,100 miles. Parts bike has 8,400 miles.