View Full Version : Sealing up the air intake

09-04-2010, 10:45 AM
Since I had a good 2900 miles on the FJ40's engine oil, including a trip to Utah and back plus some excursions up to the Rockies, I shipped a container of the oil to Blackstone for analysis. Most everything looked good and was within normal limits and comparable to the first baseline I did a few years ago, except for silicon and iron (which were higher than normal). They theorized that these two things were related, and that I probably had particulates enter the engine through the air intake. This makes sense to me, especially given the Utah trip with all the dust and dirt flying around the Utah desert.

Is there anything I can to to "tighten up" my air intake on the 40 with any major or radical changes? I run a totally stock air intake, and use Wix (Napa Gold) air filters. The filter was about a year old, and I changed it as soon as I got home from the trip. What about some foam at the base of the air cleaner? New gaskets? Other ideas?

09-04-2010, 11:34 AM
There is a gasket that goes above and below the air filter in the filter housing that is usually long missing. Many do not even know it exists. If it is not there, that may be most of your problem.

You can actually build up those areas with RTV in the housing to make a good seal between the top and bottom of the airfilter housing and the filter. Terry