View Full Version : FJ40 items wanted

10-10-2010, 12:35 PM
I'm in need of some random odds & ends for my Sept. 74 40.

1. I need the bracket thing to mount (driver's side if it matters) the rear hoop to the main hoop of the OEM roll bar, as mine is all bent up. Basically it sort of bolts up around the main hoop like a clamp.
2. Pair of 74 front turn signals as both of mine work, but are broken off of the bases. I would also take a used pair or rear turn signals if the price is right & anyone has some they want to unload.
3. the holy grail piece that i need is the main/front hoop & parts that go over the doors for an oem soft top, if anyone has some bits & pieces they held on to for this type of use.... I'm assuming this will never happen, but I won't know if I don't ask.
4. Turn signal switch for the same 74. My switch part works, but the stick is broken off, and it is a pain sticking a screw driver in there...
5.one chain part for the rear drop down tailgate of an oem soft top model...
6. I could also use an 83 ash tray if anyone has one lying around.

I don't know if anyone has these sorts of things sitting around, but I figured I would ask in case they are out there & just taking up dust in someone's garage. Thanks in advance for any help.