View Full Version : 1987 4x4 Toyota Van for sale

10-12-2010, 08:15 PM
When I bought my 1987 van, it was a package deal that included a 1988 as well. It was "take them both or neither". In any case, the already said no to 2 vans, and I frankly have to agree. I have some minor things to address on this one, but I figured I would give some folks on here a head start on the Craigslist ad since it won't post for a couple weeks. I expect to list it for about $1,500 but will be open to an offer.

Here is the scoop: 1988 with automatic trans and push-button 4x4 with locking hubs. Seats for 7, sliding door on one side, rear door lifts open. Has a good amount of rust, but for 23 years old, it surely could be worse. Other than that, the body has no major damage. Don't expect a show stopper, but rather a daily driver beater, work van, or just a cheap mild offroad winter van. It will need a windshield as it has some cracks. Also has a single broken "courtesy" light on the passenger front corner, which is not a violation for a ticket as it isn't a turn signal or parking light. The tires all have LOTS of tread remaining but are showing signs of age. Time may be the killer rather than miles unless you put a lot of miles on in the next year or two. This is basically a no-frills van. Manual windows, manual locks, tape deck, etc. It should pass an e-test without any issues and I will provide that.

If there are any questions, PM me.