View Full Version : parting out two toy trucks 4x4 1984 1988

10-31-2010, 03:27 AM
complete trucks, parting out

both 4 cyl 5 speed 4.10(8" rear axles, unknown model front axles)

both trucks are bone stock non-modified.

02-24-2011, 09:06 PM
ttt!! still parting out

can text me 217 671 7792 lets talk?

have rear 5 speed driveshaft nice shape 1984 4x4, 100 mailed?

5 speed trans
transfer case

shifters and boots etc. 75 mailed both all?

asain red hubs pair and screws etc., , good original 75 mailed?

4.10 8" rear axle 125 no mail

nice clean factory black 1987 steering wheel and horn cap 45 mailed? and '87 dash parts too including heater control panel and face plate, without a/c:

1984 power window parts, good regulators and motors and door glasses, two pairs, all are older style without vent wing glasses., gray door panels for with power windows, and switches too, and have a tan beige colored pair of manual door panels also

1987 gasoline pickup style fuel tank, solid, not rusted, also have fuel level sender no mail. 75?

rear leaf spring u bolt and clamps 35 mailed all?

factory metal sterio mounting brackets from an '88, 20 mailed?

heater control panel and face plate and other dash parts including factory tach dash from 1984 with 22RE and 5 speed 4x4 and with factory a/c:

a/c parts on cab

1987 doors pair, not rusted out, 50 each?

1984 22RE ignitor and coil 75 mailed

p/s steering box for with solid front axle 1984 4x4 75 mailed

two good wiper motors, one is 84 older style and other is 85 up style

factory aluminum rear sliding glass assembly, four small window style one from 1987 pickup

good straight hood also from 1987 pickup, also latch parts and hinges and more too,

and LOTS more parts, lets talk?

no bed parts or taillights or gates

also email or fastr68 on yahoo messenger anytime always signed in!



02-25-2011, 02:24 PM
Called... He sold all of his Toyota stuff