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12-28-2010, 03:17 PM

I know this is a pretty savvy crowd but in two days I got hit and thought I'd relate.

1) Phishing - Classic case. I got an email from "Wells Fargo". It had a Wells Fargo logo and the whole bit. It said I needed to log on this particular portal because my online account had been disabled. If you looked at the URL tied to the logo or the URL behind the hypertext, you'll see that it wasn't wellsfargo.com but something else with wellsfargo in the URL. When you go to the that website, the page looked official. But if I had followed through logging in there, they would have had my credentials and could have logged on themselves.

2) Credit Card Fraud - Logged on to schedule a payment and saw a $15 bill from a credit reporting agency. Hmmmm? Didn't remember that. There was one the previous month as well. Called Chase (the card authorizer) and conferenced in the scum from the "legit" credit reporting agency and they didn't have my SSN, birthdate, or the other items that would indicate they had procured the credit card number through correct channels. So I dumped that card and am having a new one show up. Be diligent and make sure all charges are really yours.

12-28-2010, 05:06 PM
I got an email that looked like it was from Comcast saying there was a problem with my electronic bill payment. I don't use electronic bill pay with Comcast...

12-28-2010, 11:16 PM
I have a client whose house was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo after the improperly applied fees causing them to "default" him and then refuse to accept anything but full payment and the folks at the Wells Fargo Branch advised him to apply for a loan mod and then to avoid scams, so he avoided things that came in the mail and relied on the personal assurances of the branch staff that he was not being foreclosed on. A friend referred him to me when he got an eviction notice stapled to his door. Can anyone be trusted????

12-29-2010, 11:05 AM
There have been a bunch of emails going around on Gmail that say "your email account may be closed for inactivity. Click here to login and prevent this."

The URLs point to a duplicate login page that looks exactly like Gmail but isn't. Instead, they harvest your account credentials, log in to your real Gmail account, send spam to everyone in your contact list, and then try to get your account information for banking and credit cards. Beware!!!

Uncle Ben
12-29-2010, 11:22 AM
Never ever click on a warning email! If you do have an account that the warning mentioned then go directly to that site not via a provided link! These scams/phishing have been around for a while but recently I have noticed an increases in volume.

If you are a forwarder of jokes, warnings, etc....always strip the headers off before resending. You make it too easy for the spammers to mine email addy's if you don't! If your smart enough to not trust someone on the phone whom you do not know asking for personal info don't be fooled by emails asking for the same stuff.