View Full Version : 1983 KTM495 for sale

El Jefe
05-28-2006, 11:35 PM
OK, so I've only had the beast for a year or so, but I'm selling it to get a streetbike. My fiance put her foot down: No new toys unless I get rid of an equal or greater number of current toys. Bummer. A picture is below, but here's the details...

The known problems are: 1) Needs a new brake master cylinder. One of the PO's installed a Honda master cylinder, and used RTV to try to seal the sight glass. Didn't work. I cut a plate out of aluminum to try to seal it as a temp. fix, but it's not working too well. I'll have a new (used) master cylinder installed by next weekend. 2) I broke off the clutch lever, and haven't replaced it with a proper one, though I have replaced the broken lever with an aftermarket one. I still need to adjust the clutch cable. 3) There's a leak from the shifter shaft where it comes out of the case. Once again, a PO tried to fix it with RTV, but it didn't work. Shifting is fine, but it does drip a little. I won't be able to tear it apart any time soon, so I just keep a supply of gear oil on hand (also Amsoil). 4) Dented, though new (one ride), FMF muffler.

Since I've owned the bike, I've replaced both tires and installed HD tubes: Dunlop on the front and Maxxis on the back. I also had the front wheel blueprinted, so new bearings, rim, spokes, etc. were installed. The wheel was built by Woody's Wheel Works here in Denver. Just the wheel alone cost about $275, but I wanted it to be done right. I added an FMF muffler on the stock exhaust. I also installed a new kill switch, and freshened up the little bit of wiring on the bike. The carb tickler was replaced with a new one from Bing. I put in a new TwinAir filter, and clean/oil it after every ride. I will include in the sale original KTM paper copies of the engine, chassis, and owner's repair manual, along with a carb manual from Bing.

I have a bunch of spare parts that will go along with the bike. Off the top of my head, I've got a second stop bar, partial throttle assembly w/cable, two cylinder to airbox boots, spare shock and reservoir, a bunch of spare clutch levers/perches, and an airbox. I think I have a couple of sets of grips too. I probably have a bunch of other little things I can't remember right now. I'll even throw in a gallon bottle of Amsoil Dominator and air filter cleaning kit to the new owner.

The bike is in nice shape. There's no cracks or frame repairs. I believe it has the original plastic, except the rear fender isn't OEM.

The bike is is a 1983 KTM495. It's a single cylinder two stroke, weights about 250 pounds, and puts out more than 50 horsepower. This bike is fast! Not like when most folks say something is fast. On this bike, you'll run out of trail before throttle. There's plenty of low end grunt, but the power hits like a train in the mid range.

The price for the entire package is $900: the bike, spare parts, manuals, and Amsoil Dominator. I would rather not ship it, but can work out something with the buyer if you're w/in an hour or two drive of Denver. Please, no tire kickers! I'm fairly firm on the price. I am willing to talk trade for a *titled* streetbike.

I live on the south side of Denver, so send me an email and we'll set a time when you can come over and look at it/ride it. I'd be happy to email additional pictures on request...let me know what you want to see, and I'll send them. If you want details on something particular, email me and I'll respond.


PS. Too much info? Probably! I just want any potential buyer to know exactly what I'm selling. No surprises...