View Full Version : Wanted: Tacoma/Tundra "8.4" 5.29 3rd member or ring and pinoin set...

01-22-2011, 12:19 AM
I just bought a Tundra axle from Joe at Slee, and need to re-gear it to match my front axle. I've spent too much money already, and need to see about getting either a used 3rd member that has the 5.29 gears in it already, or a used or cheap set of 5.29 ring and pinion gears.

This is for the "8.4" diff, aka the 8" Toyota 3rd member that came in the Tacomas and 1st Generation Tundras without the elocker. Its the one with the trussing between the bearing caps.

Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Shoot me a PM if you have something for me. I will have two of these 3rd members with stock gears, though I think one has chipped teeth. I would be willing to trade it as part of the transaction though.