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01-23-2011, 04:06 PM
Ok, so not exactly the bike riding season but trying to start cleaning out the garage. I got a new bike a few months back and am selling the older freeride bike. Legs, lungs and knees just wont push a heavy bike around anymore.

Some Specs:
-Size large-ish. Frame said 20" but it rides way smaller than any XL bike I have owned.
-Weyless 67 Freeride bike frame. New. Ridden less than a mile. Bought the frame 4 years ago to replace a Santa Cruz Bullit. Finally got around to swapping all the parts over to sell the bike. (I'm keeping the Bullit frame incase I ever get back into Dh type riding). The 67 is similar in design, though a knockoff that's definitely not as nice (and not as expensive). 6 or 7 rear wheel travel. I think weyless was a Supergo Frame and Supergo was purchased by (iirc) Performance, so I doubt there are any replacement parts avail. for this frame anymore.
-Early model Marzocchi 66, 150mm travel, 20mm through axle.
-Progressive 5th element rear shock. Last serviced by progressive, probably 3 years ago. I rode the bike maybe 10 times in the last few years. More disclosure is that progressive doesn't make bike shocks anymore, so not sure what service/parts are available. However I believe all the progressive shocks use Fox sized bushings so you could put a new rear shock on.
-Race Face Diabolus Freeride Headset.
-Hayes HFX 9 8" disc brakes.
-White Brothers (Or industries, i forget) front disc hub.
-Rear XT disc hub.
-Sun Doublewide rims (heavy!)
-Raceface Evolve FR Crankset and BB. 22/32/Bash
-XT rear Derailur, Deore Front.
-Easton EA50 handlebar
-LX 9speed shifters
-Cheapo Seatpost.
-Kona Pedals
-Titec Blockhead stem.
-Its heavy! Not sure, but best guess may be 40? 42?

Overall the bike is in decent shape, but would benefit from changing out a few parts, namely the rims (with something lighter) and the seatpost (with something namebrand). Changing out the rims would probalby drop a few pounds and allow for normal size tires to be run. The rear is a 2.1 which is as wide as it can go with the fat rims. Downsize the rims and you could run a bit wider tire.

I also have a handful of other used freeride type tires that will go with the bike. In short, this bike may be good if you wanna dip your toes in the proverbial freeride water before jumping in.

Asking $450, could potentially deliver to denver-ish area.




Oh, and here's a picture of the new ride. Chainlove was running a bomber sale on the frame, so I jumped on it.