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01-27-2011, 10:10 AM
The deal today from www.zowzee.com (a local version of Groupon started by a friend and client of mine) was a discount to www.greengarage.com. Is it more than just hype?

Products they list (http://www.greengarage.com/products/green-garage-products) are:

High-performance Dual Stage Oil Filter
Think ’super strainer’ that filters down to 3 microns instead of ‘chunky’ conventional filters at 30 microns. That’s 10 times more maximum purity through a two part, parallel filtration system. Increases your fuel economy up to 5%, lasts twice as long as normal filters and can decrease oil use by 70%.

Motor Oil
We offer two Green Garage™ approved earth and wallet friendly oil options: choose a re-refined oil or one made from biodegradable animal by-products. Both are API approved and last up to 24,000 miles when matched with our dual stage oil filter. C’mon, step up and do your part to reduce waste and our dependence on foreign oil.

Nitrogen Tire Fill
Your tires can leak regular air and become under-inflated in as little as one week, sapping fuel economy as much as 3%. So why not blow them up right and fill your tires with nitrogen. Nitrogen’s molecules are much bigger than plain air so it slows leakage, is less variable in changing temperatures and extends tire life by minimizing the tire-deteriorating water vapor produced by air.

Pulse Plugs
Increase your fuel economy up to 10% with patented pulse plugs. Unlike the old school, 100-year old technology spark plugs found in most cars, pulse plugs have a built in battery-like capacitor that stores and then releases a perfectly timed, 2 nanosecond high energy pulse that burns fuel hotter and cleaner.

MotorSilk® Boron-based Engine Treatment
Biodegradable and non-toxic, this secret sauce fills the small imperfections on all metal moving parts, making everything ’slipperier’. An ultra hard nano-coating layer significantly reduces friction up to 80% and wear up to 90%. It can increase engine efficiency 6-8% giving you more horsepower and can increase fuel economy up to 15%. It lasts 100,000 miles and could save you up to $1700 over the life of the treatment. Best when used in conjunction with the complementary fuel treatment that cleans your fuel injectors for better flow and atomization.

Silicone-based Wiper Blades
These wiper blades may look similar those currently on your windshield, but these Triple-edge high-tech ‘squeegees” are made from silicone instead of petroleum-based rubber products. Plus, they are guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle. That means less waste because there’s no need to change them. And it’s a closed loop process, meaning the silicone blades and steel frames can be completely recycled! Did we mention they also come in recyclable packaging and are made in the USA.

Maximum Performance Antifreeze-Coolant
This coolant is made from propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol, which means better heat transfer, higher viscosity and lower toxicity. The good news is propylene glycol is used to make food, medicine and cosmetics. The not so good news is ethylene glycol is used to make formaldehyde. Frankly, this is one of those product categories where there isn’t a perfect solution yet. But at least propylene glycol is safer for kids and pets than conventional coolants and much less toxic than traditional engine coolants.

Lead-free Wheel Weights
Did you know that lead wheel weights falling off cars and trucks is one of the last major, unregulated sources of lead pollution in the US? Recent studies have estimated that 3.3 million pounds of lead are deposited on urban streets as a result of lead wheel weights. We only use steel based wheel weights. They do not degrade at the same rate as lead wheel weights and do not pose the same health risks as lead.

01-27-2011, 10:23 AM
-Two words: Synthetic Oil

-Air is 70% Nitrogen, so I don't really buy that argument.

-Steel wheel weights won't stay on steel wheels, ask me how I know :rolleyes:

-Silicone wiper blades might be cool - the blue PHH replacement is silicone and seems to work well. Different application though.

-Ethylene Glycol making formaldehyde is a bad argument IMO. Bricks must be evil because you can throw them through a window to rob a store. :rolleyes:

Just sayin' :meh:

01-27-2011, 10:44 AM
As with most things labeled "green" the items above amuse me.

In my business of customer woodworking, I am constantly running into things claiming to be green but they rarely are. Organizations want to charge me money every month to use their green label on my product or organizations that want to charge me thousands to audit my business, my vendors and material procured. Jobs are bid out specifying things that would have to be trucked in from several hundred or even thousand miles because they are green and some salesperson sold the architect on it's "greenness". Some people will take to anything with the label without using any common sense to determine just how green it really is. Whew ! Sounded almost like a rant. :lol:

Here's what will happen - Some great (sarcasm) Yahoo writer will mention this website and it's owners will make a killing due to immediate nationwide exposure . . . making us all envious.

01-27-2011, 09:48 PM
-Air is 70% Nitrogen, so I don't really buy that argument.

I'd fill my tires with Nitrogen if I could. Airplanes of any real performance use Nitrogen in their tires for exactly this reason. Back when I worked as an airplane mechanic, I filled a leaky tire with Nitrogen instead of air, and it really did not leak after that.

Added bonus: no rust on the wheel with Nitrogen in there, it looked brand new when I replaced that set of tires 5 years later.


Air Randy
01-28-2011, 10:13 AM
It's all snake oil baloney, except the part about propolyne AF being safer for critters. Nitrogen may not leak as much but it's not going to improve your fuel mileage and if you wheel and air down/up frequently thats going to get really expensive.

This is just another case of someone trying to take advantage of good people who think they are helping the environment by lining this guys pockets.