View Full Version : GX470 Center Caps?

4runner luv
02-10-2011, 08:35 PM
Does anyone have a GX470 with center caps that look like these?


If anyone has them, would you be willing to let me test fit one? And if they fit, eBay here I come. Of course, I would buy you a :beer: at the local watering hole to sweeten the deal.

I just got some used LX450 rims on my 4runner (LOVING THEM!), but the stock center caps stick out so far, that if I use them, and cut a hole in the front ones for my manual locking hubs, the hub will be "embedded" about an inch deep under the center cap... making it very difficult to turn it when needed. If I had similar center caps that were flush with the rim (like the stock 4runner rims, I would be in business. Started looking around, and the GX470 caps look like they would fit, and they are more flush.

Also, the chromed alloy 4runner rims mentioned in another post are up for grabs if anyone is interested.... they are real shiny!