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03-09-2011, 03:05 PM
Just had a GREAT experience with my old school ARB compressor solenoids. It is using the MAC solenoids which are really nice looking not to mention industrial. Well, one of them was leaking so I called ARB to ask if they had a repair kit as you can actually take these apart and they said no but they had replaced the MAC units with there part #180103. So I did some checking on the new ARB solenoid and found that they run from $49.00 to $60.00. Then I thought to myself, there must be others using these nice MAC units and did some more searching, come to find out that they are still a common part. Not only are they common but we have a local MAC distributor in Arvada (Fiero Fluid Power) so I called them up to see if they carry the solenoid I need and sure enough they do, for a whopping $17.50 each and another $1.06 for the muffler which screws onto the side.. If anyone has a leaky or bad solenoid on their ARB you might want to check these out.. :thumb:

03-09-2011, 09:24 PM
Nice find, do you know if they ship? Long drive to Arvada from my side of town. These would work on any compressor and I could use one on mine. Do they have a website? I will Google them.