View Full Version : '97 lc on skinnies, 143k miles, factory locked, $8000 obo, Denver

03-30-2011, 02:59 PM
$7900 now

need to downsize.
here's another white one. 143k miles, tan leather.
here's the carfax report (http://www.carfax.com/viewEmailReport.do?a=A0Vj1vyMH7TQvgVSvJOgaQLVpDsd9f2nQp3SiAot38DX88srkHtli9bDgDaCTSi3&language=en)
fyi: they state that she had 6 owners but this is not correct. i'm the 3rd owner, i just moved around with her and they associated all new addresses with a new owner. i have receipts to proof that.
been off road only a handful of times. here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tochichi/sets/72157624972870075/) and here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tochichi/sets/72157624972870075/) are some pix. other than that, i'm using her as a commuter.
other than a few bugs mentioned below, the cruiser is very well maintained and i'd drive it anywhere in the country and back without hesitation... in fact i'd love to take her on a road trip right now. she runs just straight and smooth.

the good:
factory lockers
car fax says "06/2007 114,000 miles Extended warranty helps pay for repairs. Drive axle serviced: Axle shaft, Seals/gaskets, Steering"
previous owner claims he worked for toyota and did the HG.
phh is done with green stripe by toyota stealer a year ago or so.
5 good tires (cooper discoverer s/t 255 85 16) , all 5 rotated every 5k miles. they have less than 20k on it. plenty of thread left.
since i bought her, i had the oil changed every 5 k miles, always w mobile 1 0w-40. here's the last blackstone report (http://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/442272-blackstone-141k-miles-w-mobil1-0w40.html)
grey wire mod
cdl switch mod
diehard platinum (never failed me),
bone dry inside
brand new ome air filter
2 philips 9012 in the low beams
leather without cracks
ac runs just fine
the D light is on!
bonus: comes with a FSM, complete set of keys, mot's mosquito screens for the sliding windows and a roof tire carrier custom made by groucho (http://www.tallowpot.com/products.html)

the bad:
removed and sold all the rear seats.
removed all rear seat belts (still have them and you can have them).
removed all the plastic and running board.
removed roof rack (which is actually not a "bad" thing).
the e-brake is seized. with that, there is some rattling coming from the ps rear tire.
po401. haven't done anything to it yet.
antenna doesn't work

the ugly:
when i removed the fender flares from ds quarter panel, i discovered, that there must have been a minor collision which they fixed rather sloppy.
2 rust spots on the upper rear hatch under the window seal.
she lived in MN for a while, so there is some rust underneath. nothing critical tho.
just last xmas a roll off dump truck clipped my ds front fender. destroyed was the fender, rear view mirror, ds bumperette and blinker glass. progressive had it fixed at exoticbodiesbyjimco.com they did a good job except - they painted the ds front door as well although there was no damage whatsoever. while prepping for the paint job, they chipped a little piece of the door handle thingie.

more pix on request

04-01-2011, 09:35 PM
bump up, price down. $7900

04-21-2011, 08:46 PM
nobody? how about $7500?