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04-01-2011, 09:08 AM
I went to the BRD meeting yesterday, below are my notes under each topic. Thanks for looking!

1) Schedule next meeting - All

Next meeting is scheduled for May 19th.

2) Grants
319 Grant (Colleen) - September 24th project in Lefthand.

April 23rd, Carnage Canyon planting project. They will be planting 1000 shrubs grown locally.
September 23rd, 2 day restoration project on the upper part of Left hand (5 points area)
Grant runs out April 30th.`

3) Adopt-A-Road Projects / Volunteer Projects
Spring Gulch/Bell Gulch (Naomi) - Single track illegal trail
usage in the area. Need signing project.

Caribou FR505 (Steve) - Buck and Rail needs to be replaced near water crossing, wil work with FS to do a work day

Jenny Creek FR502.3 (Martin) - Date set for Rising Sun to work with FS to do any work to Post and Cable, Kiosk, and do cleanup. Marco will start thread in RS Forum. July 16th is the date.

Middle St. Vrain (Adam) - June 18th Road Opening. No news

Ice Spider FR??? (Cat) winch anchors - Cat is going to start putting a plan together to get ready for proposal after she works on Allenspark. The plan will include Parking areas, post and cable retrofit, and winch anchor proposals. Hopefully the plan will be complete by October and ready for review during the winter. Next spring is tentative for work to start.

A lot of discussion surrounded the need for a complete plan to be approved before work started, the concern from trail users and land owners is that the plan is so extensive it will take for ever to get approved and implemented. Cat said that once the plan is approved there can be a minimum amount of work done to open the trails. They'll need winch anchors and the new post and cable at a minimum. The landowners are in support of the openings since it pulls load off of illegal trails/roads and gives folks a good place to go.

Fireman's Ladder FR??? (Cat) winch anchors - see above.

Castle Gulch volume/route control - projects with land owners. - Land owners did not make it to the meeting

Coney Creek FR507 (Adam) Sink hole project, signing. Adam will assess situation once roads open

Post and Cable decision for district (Cat). - See Ice Spider, Fireman's ladder. No solution defined yet, but the two roads noted will be the first to get the new solution defined and implemented. Solution is supposed to be defined in the next two years, if not all post and cable might have to be removed. I don't think that that will actually happen, but once a solution is identified we will more than likely need to retrofit Jenny Creek.

4) Motorized Trail Projects - (Bill H/Dave K)
Lefthand Trail U-bc (Brian/Bill H) Route number and signage, shooting
closure in order to open trail. Open alternate access. Cat is working to get FS Trail crews in this area to do trail erosion work and cleanup. Will be working with Bill and Dave to prioritize trails that get work done.

Lefthand Re-hab work on FT840, FT841, FT842. - see above

Lefthand FT836, FT837 (Cat) 2011 Trails Crew project. - see above

Lefthand FT843, FT843.1A maintenance. - see above

Lefthand FT844 maintenance. - see above

Status on Allenspark shooting closure (Cat) - Cat is working on this. A plan should be in place in the next month. will need to be reviewed and put up for public review before implementation.

Any new issues or concerns to work on, or Forest Service projects
related to Boulder Ranger District motorized recreation. - All

Caribou Sandstorm
04-01-2011, 09:53 AM
Thanks for going to the meeting on behalf of the club, great detail in your reporting!

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no problem!

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Thanks for going to the meeting on behalf of the club, great detail in your reporting!

x2 :thumb:

We all appreciate the efforts by you and others to attend these meetings!