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04-17-2011, 10:48 PM
Needed to get some stuff done before CM but have not had any time in the last few weeks. Tim and I worked out a deal where he would do the work for me:bowdown:. One of the projects was to install a new steering box tapped for Hydro assist and the ram:D. Of course things can't go smooth and as Tim came to an end he found the hydro line to have a bad connection, the treads were messed up on the first three rows:mad: Calls to have it replaced today did not proof to be fruitful so I will try to get a new hose with a new connection.

Second on the list was an All Pro E-brake. Since Jeremy and I did the Diamond axle upgrade we also upgraded to vented rotors and some big calipers but no E-brake:(. Instead of trying to source Caddy calipers etc. or some other set up I decided back then to either ditch the E-brake or go the All Pro way so that is what I did.

Again if something can go wrong it will:mad: The FROR skid plate was higher than normal like the PO lifted the drive train when the dual cases were installed. The fuel lines, Toyota really put them in a stupid place, had to be moved and part of the tranny needed to be ah let's say persuaded:rolleyes: with an air chisel to make it easier.:eek:

All in all it turned out well and Tim got it all done by dinner time:thumb: Still need to get some parts and put some things together but it is 90% done. The E-brake is completely done so just the Hydro assist steering needs to be completed. We need to get some hydro lines, angled spacers (forgot the actual name) and a bunch of Gunk to clean the front frame are oh and some driveway cleaner right Tim:rolleyes:

Here are some pics,

Uncle Ben
04-17-2011, 11:11 PM
Tom. I have never seen a hydro assist attached to the frame. It is really important that the ram is parallel to the tie rod!!! You now have created a hydraulic press and your tie rod (or TRE's) will not survive!

04-17-2011, 11:11 PM
What knuckles are you running, Tom? 6-shooters?

04-17-2011, 11:59 PM
Whoa, I don't think the ram should be attached to the frame?

Pretty sure that it should be attached to the Tie rod and the axle, not the frame and tie rod.

If the axle is flexed to the driver side, that ram is going to pretzel the tie rod, man.

Also, you can't be getting the full steering out of that. The ram is now operating at an angle.

I hope it doesn't screw you in Moab, but I'd get that moved around as soon as you can.

04-18-2011, 12:00 AM
NM, I didn't read the whole thread. UB posted up already.

04-18-2011, 12:15 AM
Not done yet since we need to run the lines/get new ones. Just put it up there to get it out of the way. You can barely see the other side but it is attached with bailing wire:hill:. I do appreciate the info, I can always use advice...........good advice that is I am full of my own bad advice already.:thumb:

04-18-2011, 12:16 AM
What knuckles are you running, Tom? 6-shooters?

Not yet, I do plan on it or having Randy weld on the 5th stud set up. I like the Six shooter but $$$ right now is tight. I am lucky to be doing the things I am, mostly by doing trades etc.

Air Randy
04-18-2011, 08:14 AM
You need to find someone with a gas torch to weld on the 5th stud for you. You have to heat the knuckle up until it is cherry red, then weld the bolt for the 5th stud in place. Justin can do it for you.

You'll be OK short term without the 5th stud, even with the hydro boost, as long as it is properly setup and you have your steering stops properly adjusted.

04-18-2011, 08:56 AM
I thought you did yours? I think I remember you selling your torches or?? Anyway I was just looking at the six shooters and they have a deal going now for the entire set up. May have to do this????

04-18-2011, 08:59 AM
John (Beater) can do it for you too. He, Marco (and probably Justin) are the best.

04-20-2011, 07:52 PM
John (Beater) can do it for you too. He, Marco (and probably Justin) are the best.

So, if Beater, Marco or Justin are reading this, would you want to :weld: up my 5th stud kit? If so, should I bring the knuckles already drilled?