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Air Randy
05-09-2011, 01:04 PM
Dee hasn't downloaded her pictures yet so be patient. Here is a summary of the trip:

The drive over on Sunday went smooth, we had some light snow going over Vail Pass but nothing serious. We arrived at Slick Rock about 2:30, Joe Lorenzo and his group along with Tom arrived later that evening. As usual Joe brought a ton of firewood and we had a great campfire that evening. Is was pretty chilly tha night and the fire & firewater that was shared kept the cold away.

Monday was a little warmer than Sunday and our little group ran Fins & Porcupine Rim as a shake down cruise. Great scenery as usual and the only mechanical issue was I found a bad fuse holder on Meanies cooling fans. More whiskey that night and a few new folks showed up at the fire ring.

Tuesday warmed up even more than Monday and we put together an ad hoc group to run Kane Creek. All was well until Tom's diff that was missing 3 teeth decided to strip the rest of the teeth off of the ring gear. Ray, Joe and I stayed with Tom while Romer and the rest of the group continued on. We pulled Tom's driveshaft and rear floater axles and had him back on the trail in front wheel drive in about an hour. We got to the shelf ledges and discovered Ken had broken a drivers side birf. The end of his axle was really buggered so it took an hour and a half to get his drive flange off. He made it out with a little towing help and we got back to camp for more time around the fire passing the whiskey jug.

Wednesday was hot, which is great Moab weather. We started tech inspections at 8 and it was non-stop vehicles until the lunch break. Many Thanks to Ray and Grizz for taking over tech in the afternoons so Dee and I could run a trail. Tom, Joe, Gary Waggoner, Woody, Corbet, myself and a few other folks formed up and headed for Hell's Revenge. We really made good time on the trail and decided to run Hell's Gate and Escalator since they would be closed on the official runs. This was my first time on Hell's gate and the trip to the bottom was a lot more white knuckle for me than going up the other side. I had Gary spotting me and the Meanie walked up the gate without even squeeking a tire. We went on to the Escalator where Gary's rig and the Meanie walked it, Tom and Joe provided lots of entertainment trying their best to get through it.

Thursday was hot and windy and Tom led and I gunned the Golden Spike group of 17 rigs. We had a few moments of terror when Joe's rig created a spark coming off an obstacle that ignited some gas he had dripping from his rollover valve. Literally the back of the rig was engulfed in a fireball. We got it out quickly with my fire extinguisher and jerry rigged a fix for the leaky valve. After that all went well but slow until we had an FJ40 pop a birf at the Golden crack. That vehicle was part of a 7 rig group that wheeled together so they volunteered to stay while they swapped in the spare birf they carried. We made it back too late to participate in the hot wings contest but we cooked our own wings and had a feast. The bad news was the cottonwoods had popped open and the fuzz was starting to really come down. So much so that when a spark got to it, it caught cabin 3 on fire. Joe was actually the first to see it and we raised the alarm. Joe, Kevin, myself and a few others actually had it out with dry extinguishers before the FD showed up. But since it was smoldering they gave it a good soaking down.

Friday Tom and I led the group on Behind the Rocks. Tom had a problem with breaking one wheel hub. We ran into the Tip Toe group and they had enough spare parts for us to get it back together in about an hour. Made it back in time for the dinner and raffle which went really well. Nice job Corbet!

Saturday we led the group on Pritchett's. I ran this trail in November 2010 and I was amazed at how bad the trail had deteriorated in such a short time. We had heard from several people that it had been really wet during the Easter Jeep Safari and all of those rigs really dug out the obstacles. Rocker Knocker was bad enough that 2 of the buggies in our group had to take the bypass to get up it. The rest of our group made it up using the traditional line with Tom providing some precise spotting support. Unfortunately the mini truck buggy on the bypass lost his ignition module so he and the 2 buggies he came with stayed behind to get it repaired. The rest of the group mad good time on the rest of the trail considering how bad it had gotten. No one but Tom even tried the Rock Pile since there was a 3' deep trench at the bottom of it. The bypass had gotten so bad there was a huge pile of rocks stacked on it and it was still one of the tough obstacles on the trail to get over. We made it back in time to have a beverage at the Moab Brewery.

We loaded up Sunday morning, had breakfast at the Pancake Haus and headed back East. It was another great Moab trip with lots of great wheeling with lots of great friends. I can't wait for CM 2012!

Here is shot that Woody took right after we put out the fire at cabin 3.

06-02-2011, 11:19 PM
Nice write up Randy! I can't believe I slept through the fire, Sharon tried to wake me up when she came to bed to tell me about it but I was out of it :p:

Air Randy
06-03-2011, 05:57 PM
It was the whiskey sleeping pill you took :D.......................

06-08-2011, 05:38 PM
nice write up Randy!