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06-08-2011, 01:27 PM
Posting this for a friend. His name is Aaron and he is the admin over at FrontRange4x4.com

This is painful and I'm not 100% sure I want to do it but here it is. We've gone back to camper camping this year and my trailer is sitting in the garage unused. I'm making a half hearted attempt at selling my M416 trailer with custom BrodyBuilt lid. It's in darn good shape for a 50 year old trailer. The lid is about a year old. She's ready to be scuffed up and painted whatever color matches your vehicle. Want to put an RTT on top? With little (or maybe no) work, it can be done. We carry a two tents, 4 chairs, a big friggin cooler, a shade tent, 4 sleeping bags, 2 cots, an air mattress, a heater, cast iron pots and pans, dry food, a large stove, bikes and a spare tire in this thing. My TJ pulled it to Moab and back just fine.

It has gas shocks which make lifting the lid easy.
It has a hand brake so that it doesn't roll off of a hill with all your junk once you get it where you want it to go.
I'll throw in the Pintle Hitch.

IT carries a bunch of stuff

It fit in my garage with the Jeep TJ on the same side

:-/ It would be sad to see her go...

Here it is in table mode. I didn't really use it like this much but it's a cool feature.

Build Thread

Hey, if it doesn't sell, I get to keep it

He is asking $2000 and you can contact him at admin@frontrange4x4.com if you are interested. Feel free to PM me if you want his phone number too.