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06-14-2011, 09:50 AM
I received an email about some volunteer work being done on Blanca Peak. The email is asking for some help getting supplies up to Como Lake. Here is the body of the email with contact information if anyone is interested in supporting this effort.

I am contacting you today about an opportunity to partner on a project on Blanca Peak this summer. We will be running a total of 38 days of trail and restoration work from July 11-August 27, with about 15 individuals. The purpose of the project is to create a sustainable summit trail, and to rest! ore the area around Como Lake Basin to ensure that the area remains open to all recreationists.

We need assistance in transporting our tools, food, and supplies to the basin before the start of our program on the 11th of July, as well as a couple of other times during our stay in the basin. We are already partnering with one 4-wheel group�for a mid-month re-supply. Because our organization does not possess any vehicles capable of making the drive up Como Lake Road, we are seeking additional partners to help make this project a success.

Is it possible to distribute this request to the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs' email distribution list? Or, if you are aware of any groups that would be interested in partnering in this project, could you please put them in contact with me?

Again, the intent of the project is to make sure the area remains open to all recreationists, and we hope that the 4 whe! el drive community is supportive in our goal.

Tha nk you,
Joe Lavorini

Joe Lavorini Program Director, Rocky Mountain Field Institute
Office: (719) 471-7736
Field: (719) 235-0963