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07-28-2011, 03:58 PM
My dad has decided he will be selling his truck. Hasn't gotten around to listing it yet, but will in the near future. He hasn't been driving it, so it is sitting next to the garage. He now has a 1985 4Runner and a Dodge Cummins, so this doesn't get driven. Not a top priority, but on his "to-do" list. Figured I would give folks here a shot first. If someone expresses serious interest, he will actually move on it.

Details as I know them:

He purchased it in 1998 or 1999 from the father of a college buddy. I have been around this truck since 1994. Always ran good, never had any major mechanical issues. It is the 22r with 5 speed (option for year) and long bed. It was professionally re-painted in 1994 by the dad of my buddy.

Has a fiberglass topper which is weather proof but doesn't apparently lock. Several years ago we bought the optional factory gauges that fit in the center console as well we the upgraded gauge cluster. I believe the matched set then has oil psi, coolant temp, tach, speedo, etc. They are still on the shelf but can go with it. Also has an upgraded bench seat. This was an option in later 80's trucks. It is a split bench (reclines) with a fold down center. Tan in color to match the rest of interior. No known tears. Also has headrests which original version did not. Has power steering, but no AC. Also includes an extra set of doors that we intended to use as 1/2 doors as one has a minor dent.

About 5 or 6 years ago my dad and I swapped out both stock diffs for Toyota e-lockers diffs. Current ratio is 4.30. He started to wire them up, but the didn't seem to engage correctly. Figure on the wiring at a minimum for both front/rear. When we did the front axle he also re-did all the seals etc for the knuckles. Stock birfs still.

Currently rides on 31" tires on aftermarket black & chrome rims. It has an aftermarket tach on the pillar which it had in 94 when I first rode in it. Also has the "Smittybuilt" tube bumper front and rear and the side steps. All function as they should, but are rusted and likely should be removed/replaced.

What I believe it needs:

1) Engine smokes some, so likely rings. Nothing visible at idle or in rear view when driving. You can see a bit when following the truck which is how I know. Also if I remember right a bit of smoke at startup.

2) It also seems to starve for fuel at high altitude. We got it to about 13,000 feet on Imogene pass and it died out. I had a spare low psi electric pump in my rig. We wired/plumbed it in and it ran like a top. The factory pump is mechanical and may be the culprit. Simple fix if that is the case.

3) Rust repair on the bed sides. Just as any older Toyota. Nothing critical, but cosmetic.

4) Springs are all stock and sagging a considerable amount. No lift but still clears 31's fine.

We have talked about a dollar amount. The work to get the front e-locker in was a considerable amount, plus the front axle "rebuild". The stock truck is easily worth more than $2k, maybe closer to $3k. I figure with the lockers and "extras" a price around $4,000 is likely fair and would likely convince him to sell. Let me know if interested. My mom would be oh-so grateful!

Need to dig through some old photos to find the pics I have of it. They will post today or tomorrow.

07-28-2011, 04:21 PM