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07-29-2011, 10:44 AM
Howdy Folks,

I was able to attend the BRD meeting last week and while attendance was light, there were a few things to note. I will not be at the meeting next week so please take this as my report for the BRD meeting.

Lefthand is still closed pending the fire. There still needs to be an assesment before it is reopened. Maybe in the next month or two....

Cat Luna was there and I spoke to her briefly about Jenny Creek. Our new contact for that area is Maribeth Pecotte, she is the new Recreation Technician for the BRD and was not at the meeting. I am working with Maribeth via email/phone to define a new date for our cleanup run.

I brought up the rut issue and the response was that it is something that is not "budgeted" for this year. In other words there was supposed to be a signing project down on Jenny Creek, and also a potential re-route in some spots near the creek that has been pushed back due to resourcing issues.. this rut issue according to the BRD falls in the same bucket. As far as they are concerned now it is a "maybe next season" thing for them. I am not trying to criticize the BRD, just sharing that they simply do not have the resources to commit to anything extra this season.

The meeting itself only lasted about 10 minutes due to the slight attendance, it was mainly chit chat after the meeting about trail conditions and such.

That's basically all I have.

Uncle Ben
07-29-2011, 11:03 AM
Thank you very much Marco!

07-29-2011, 01:07 PM
Thanks Marco! I'm hearing the same thing from the CCRD about financial restrictions for this year, which is understandable considering the condition of our federal government this year.