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Well, in an effort to expand the business even more, I am considering selling my personal 4runner. The goal is to move into a 4th gen 4runner with a V8 and 3rd row seat. I am build my son a crawler right now anyway, so I will always be able to wheel that as well.

So, here we go. Here is the build thread. Its not the silver one at the beginning, but you can see where the black one comes into play a few pages in. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=803827

2000 Toyota 4runner. 3.4L, Auto, 157,940mi. 108.5" Wheel base. 23" frame height.

It started life as a 2wd. Currently has 157,940mi on it.
2nd gen TRD Supercharger on 3.4L with URD 7th injector kit on it.
Also have a 2.2 pulley that goes with it
Supercharger nose cone oil was just changed about 3K ago.
Supercharger has 65K on it, but motor only has 15K with the charger on it.
Timing Belt and water pump done at 141K.
A340 Automatic with Inchworm prerunner adapter mates to dual 2.28 gear driven Tcases.

Front axle:
66" WMS-WMS Diamond axle. 9.5" Land Cruiser center section. 5.29s, ARB Air locker. 30 Spline Longfields with his Cromoly hub gears. 3rd gen 4runner rotors and brakes.

Rear axle:
64.5" Diamond Axle. Full floater. 9.5" center section. 5.29s, ARB Air locker, Disc brake conversion

Front suspension:
Custom 3-link with panhard. I spent no less than three months designing the suspension and getting it perfect for a dual purpose rig. The geometry is perfect IMO.
14" 2.5" Fox Reservoir coilovers
Ballistic 2.625" joints at the axle end
Ballistic Poly bushings at the frame end
Ballistic brackets used.

Rear suspension:
Dual triangulated 4-link. Gas tank was relocated to the rear behind the axle using an F-150 tank and sits almost flush to the frame rails. OME coils, 13" BBCS shocks from Poly Performance.

Tires: Five 37x12.5x17 Goodyear MTRs with around 65% left mounted on Raceline Renegade Six wheels.

Addicted Offroad front winch bumper with a Smittybuilt XRC8 Comp winch with synthetic rope. The winch has only been used one time to date and that was two days ago at the Jamboree to pull another rig back a few feet.

Sliders are Addicted Offroad 3/16" heavy duty sliders. They are bombproof.

Rear bumper is an Addicted Offroad rear. I tow my pop-up with this bumper all over Colorado. Its NOT a light pop-up. It will pull passes with ease with the supercharger even towing.

Driveshafts are balanced and true. Pinion angles are perfect. You can run 80+mph in 4wd with no vibes.

It also has a 3rd row Jeep fold-n-tumble seat. I have four kids and use it when we go wheeling. Thus the need for a 4th gen with 3rd row. If you want it with the rig I will include it.

This rig is the ultimate dual purpose rig. I daily drive it to and from work just about everyday. I finished it in July of 2010 and its seen 17K put on it since then. It drives straight as an arrow down the road with one finger on the wheel at any speed. Yes, I have had it up to around 115mph with no issue. There is power to spare with the supercharger

Its run numerous hard trails in and around Colorado and Utah.
Holy Cross
Wheeler Lake
Chinaman's Gulch
Green Day
Hells Revenge
Pritchett Canyon
and more

This rig is basically a buggy chassis with a full bodied 4runner on top. I spent countless hours dialing in the suspension so it would drive flawlessly down the road. It does

The paint on the rig shines up well, but there are a few small clear coat "burns" in a couple places. Pretty typical with Toyota Black on these rigs. There are a couple very small dings here and there but for the most part the body is straight, clean, and free of rock rash. There is also no rust on this rig.

Stereo is a Pioneer Double-Din touch screen that is Nav capable. It has an Ipod hookup and software as well. MP3, DVD etc. Its a Pioneer AVH-3200DVD.

It wheels great and flexes awesome. I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere in the country.

For those interested, let me tell you that I do not need to sell this rig. I am only doing so to help expand my current product line into a new market. I am firm on price as well. Serious inquiries only.

Its located in Windsor, CO. (about an hour north of Denver). 100% of this rig was built in my shop by me personally. The fabrication and workmanship is spot on. 970-420-4198

There are three small issues.
#1, the gas gauge doesn't work with the F150 tank. However, I have an autometer gauge that I will include with the rig when its sold. Its set up for the Ford Tank.
#2 The ABS light is on in the cluster. Since I eliminated the ABS anyway, I never worried about it.
#3 Because of the rear disc brakes, there is no Ebrake. Deal with it. :grinpimp:

Price is $22,500 Firm.





Some pics on Green Day in Area BFE:



More from other places:


Just detailed it and took a ton of pics:

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freaking beautiful :thumb: wanna swap suspention ? :rolleyes:

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Very, very nice! GLWS

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Holy Cross pics





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Time to build a buggy!

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sold !?

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sold !?

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