View Full Version : Its my turn....Toyota Stuff for Sale...

08-10-2011, 01:24 AM
Hey guys,

Its my turn to throw up a bunch of a stuff that I've been meaning to sell for a while but haven't gotten around to. Trying to a fund a purchase of some knuckles for my FJ80 front Axle build, so here goes....

First Up is an IFS rear housing upgraded to work with an Elocker. Doesn't have the 3rd member or brake bleeder valves, but comes with everything else including axle shafts, brakes, drums, brake lines and such. I replaced the wheel bearings and seals less the 1000 miles ago, so its ready to run for while. Has leaf spring perches and shock mounts on it, so pretty much all you have to is source an elocker 3rd member and you are good to go. Its the same width as any IFS pre Tacoma Mini-Truck, so it works great as an addition to an SAS. I'm asking $125, but will entertain offers. I went to a Tundra rear axle for the width, so this is just taking up space right now.


I also have another umodified IFS axle housing. No 3rd member, but it has brake lines, and will come with axle shafts, drum brakes and such. Probably could use a rebuild. I got this as a deal along with a spare t-case, and never used it or did much. Only thing missing is possibly a few lug studs that I took for another project. Asking $50, but will entertain offers.

No axle shaft assemblies, but it will come with them and they look identical to the ones above.


I bought a FJ80 front axle, but don't have any use for the radius arms. Not sure they break often, but they might be useful to someone for a project. Asking $25, and it will come with all the hardware I can find for it (pretty much just bolts).


My truck came with a folding seat, and was designed to bolt into the bed of the truck. It has a custom frame built so it just takes drilling 4 holes and putting some bolts in. Not sure what kind of vehicle it came out of, but it has lap belts built in, and comes with head rests. I never used it, so its just been sitting in my garage and is in pretty decent shape with no stains or tears. Don't have a use for it now since I got rid of the pickup bed, so I'd like to get rid of it. It will unbolt from the frame too, and the seats fold down flat. Asking $75 but will entertain offers.




Got a truck box off of a neighbor, but its just too big for my truck. It would fit a full width truck very well, but it sticks past both sides of the cab on my Toyota. It is a "Tuff Box", is plastic and seems pretty burly. It has locks, but I don't have the keys for it. Needs a bit of a clean, but no holes or major scrapes. Asking $50 for it, but as always will entertain offers.


I got this set of tires and rims as a "long distance trip" thing, but they honestly don't make a big enough difference to be worth carrying an extra set of rims. They are stock 16" Toyota Sequoia wheels and tires, and are stamped steel. Not sure what the offset is, but its they are pretty deep so I would say at least 5-6". 6 lug, so they will fit on most Toyota, Nissan, and Chevy trucks. Tires are 265/70R16 which I think is either 29" or 30". They are pretty worn, but should have at least another 5k in them, but wouldn't be very good offroad due to the less agressive tread pattern. I'm asking $100 for them, but make an offer if you want.



Lastly, I have a pair sliders for sale. They aren't super bling, but they did a decent job of protecting my rocker panels while I saved up for weld on ones. They bolt to the body mounts of a 2nd generation extended Cab Toyota Pickup. One of the mounts broke off though, so you would have to fix that. Not the most elegant way to do it, but it works and is better then just scraping the crap out of your rockers. The steel alone is worth what I'm asking, which is $50. I'm sure these could be made to work in many different ways too, and I'm open to offers so feel free to make one.


I'm eager to sell, so feel free to make offers (if it wasn't clear already) as I need the cash and would like to clean out the garage a bit too. If you are interested in anything, shoot me a PM or post up in this thread and I'll do my best to figure out a time for you to come and check stuff out. For a serious buyer, I'll can deliver or meet you partway too.